Things are getting even weirder and I am really not sure I’m here for it anymore. We got Zeke last week, who disappeared on a hike for a year, and I’m not sold on him yet. Now, this week ended with a man still alive after being in a vanRead More →


Manifest took a break from the characters’ stories this week and focused on Flight 828 and the pilot. In the beginning, I wasn’t sure I was into this focus. It seemed a little slow. I even found myself working on other things while watching. But then they kicked it upRead More →

When we left off, Grace kicked Ben out of their house, and Jared almost died. But they found the missing passengers and saved them. “Crosswinds” takes place ten days after the end of episode nine, and Manifest turned up the heat. I thought things were intense before the break, butRead More →

Things slowed down a little bit after last week’s intense episode, but that doesn’t mean the drama wasn’t present. The focus was back on the characters  with the big mystery taking a backseat, but still present as a driving force. Tensions are starting to rise in certain relationships, and I’mRead More →

We had a week away from the craziness that is Manifest, and it made me forget (yes, that quickly) how invested I am in these characters and in the show’s big mystery. Things got really intense, like next level, in ‘Off Radar’. I really liked this new layer they’ve addedRead More →

I know last week I bragged on the human focus from this show but they doubled down for this one. I did not expect the feels that I got this week but, boy, did they get me. This show continues to blow me away with its ability to showcase theRead More →

Manifesters, today is a great day because NBC is giving Manifest a full season! Now we can really break down this mystery. Josh Dallas already took to Twitter to share the news sharing his gratitude to the fanbase for loving the show. The order will add three episodes to theRead More →

First off, I gotta give Manifest props for being so real. This show is not afraid to tackle the real life issues that could come from this scenario, as crazy as it all is. I loved the addition of the life insurance money into the story, because that would soRead More →

I’m an 100% invested in Manifest now so, please, please, please TV gods, don’t cancel it. The plot for this show is so interesting that they don’t even have to give us a cliffhanger, I’m just ready for another episode as soon as each new one ends. Normally when aRead More →

Okay, I have so much to talk about after this second episode. So much. It packed a lot of emotions, along with some really exciting details that are certain to come into play moving forward. The pilot moved a little slow, but for its second episode Manifest is going fullRead More →

I already wrote a post on the first nine minutes of the episode, but things got so much crazier for the rest. Manifest is giving me real Lost vibes, but I am hoping this show has its own identity. There’s a part of me that doesn’t want to get tooRead More →

NBC is bringing a new mystery drama this Fall called Manifest. The show is about 191 passengers who went missing in 2013 and reappear five years later in current time. The passengers have no idea the time has passed because they never left the plane. Each person has a familyRead More →

Hello Oncers! The hiatus has just started, but before we start looking forward to SDCC and speculating about season 6, it’s time to look back toward season 5 once more, and talk about what worked, what didn’t, and what we want the show to do next season. Season 5 wasRead More →

It’s going to be a blast from the past when Once Upon a Time returns with ‘Souls of the Departed.’ According to the official synopsis Emma, Regina, Snow, Charming, Henry, and Robin arrive in a hell eerily similar to Storybrooke. Well…it’s more accurate to say it’s EXACTLY like their hometownRead More →