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The summer hiatus is hard and cruel, especially for ardent fans of TV.  We strive to find other ways to entertain ourselves, to get our fix. And, if you’re a Once Upon A Time fan, and more specifically, a Captain Swan shipper, I’ve got something you might enjoy.

(If you aren’t, I’d suggest you skip this. These girls are all CS, all the time.)

Once Upon A Captain Swan Podcast, as it’s name suggests, is all about Captain Swan, all the time. And though I could go on about it, I thought it would be best to let the people responsible tell you all about what the podcast is and why the podcast even exists.

(Other than because Captain Swan is goals and all that)

So, here’s a look at how this OUAT couple inspired these ladies enough to do a podcast about just them:

Why Once Upon A Time? What drew you to the show in the first place? How did you fall in love with it?

JMo: I had always been a fan of fairy tales, Disney and folklore, even before OUAT. But the concept of the show was different than anything that I had ever read/watched, which intrigued me. I am an OV: an original viewer; been watching since day 1. I fell in love with this show because it took the characters that I knew and loved and made them more…modern. And from her introduction in the pilot, the character of Emma Swan has been such a joy to watch grow in our version of Disney Princess.

Jenna R: It was fate. I had been looking on Netflix for a new series to watch for a long time. I saw OUAT and for some reason I was reluctant to watch it. Every time I turned on Netflix I saw it again and eventually I gave in! Immediately I was hooked!  I fell in love with Emma and her story. Jennifer Morrison captured me with her wonderful acting and the richness to her character. I also love fairytales and I love the twists Adam and Eddie have put on the stories we all know so well.

Lindsay:  I started watching Once Upon a Time as soon as it aired in America as I am a huge fan of Lost. The show was advertised as ‘by the producers of Lost ‘ so I was curious. I fell in love throughout the first season with Emma swan. She is such an inspiration and for what she puts up with… Give that woman a gold medal!

Gabrielle: Ginnifer Goodwin is what drew me to the show. I was a fan of hers when she was in movies and I saw a preview for Once and I was curious why she went to television. As soon as I saw a preview I was intrigued to see how the writers would go about giving us stories about all these Disney characters I grew up with. So I figured I’d give it a go. Also hearing that the creators were also writers to another show that I absolutely loved, Lost, I was even more curious. I was hooked from day one. The idea of them being trapped in this world and having to discover who they were drew me to want to see more. I, like the actors, was surprised when the curse was broken at the end of the season so that made me even more anxious for season 2 to start. For Emma to be reunited with her family and see where their relationship would go after that. I also loved the dynamic of all the actors and how well they played off each other.

Kimberly: I’m a self-described Disneyphile.  I love Disney, and love fairy tales.  It was a natural fit.  Love at first watch.  JMo had to nudge me to get me to watch it, even though I had heard of it, and then I was hooked (no pun intended…maybe a little pun)!

Sarah: I’ve watched OUAT from the beginning. When I heard ABC was doing a show with live action Disney characters I knew it was exactly the type of show I needed in my life! Disney has been a huge part of my life ever since I was a baby and I cherish these fairy tale characters as if they were my own family. I was excited to see how the show would twist these classic tales into something new. When season 1 aired I was blown away by the costumes, the music, the visuals, and the charming little town of Storybrooke. Watching these beautiful love stories come to life on screen has been a magical experience from the beginning!

Raechel: Originally I had found out about the show at a Vampire Diaries convention back in 2013 and discovered there was going to be an OUAT con in a few weeks that my friends were attending. They told me to catch up so I could go and sure enough it didn’t take me long to binge the two and a half seasons. I’ve always loved fairy tales, mythology, and Disney so this show was definitely right up my alley. I think the fact that it was mixing the real world with the fantasy one is what made me love it so much. It’s a show that has never been done before; there’s nothing like it. It’s so unique and fun to watch as these characters from our childhood are given these complex personalities and backstories.

Justine: I started watching OUAT in fall 2012, I was a freshman in college and scrolling through my tumblr one night and I saw some gifsets from “Tallahassee” and my interest was piqued. I started watching what was available on Hulu, I think my first episode was “We Are Both” and then had to catch up on the first season while season 2 was airing. I had always really loved Disney and I instantly fell in love with Belle since she was my favorite Disney princess, but I also loved Killian from the get go (it didn’t hurt that Colin is insanely attractive)

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