Captain Nemo coming to Once Upon A Time

Well, it looks like Captain Hook will not only be the only person in OUAT land to carry that particular title, because yes, Oncers, Captain Nemo is coming!

Faran Tahir has been cast to play the 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea character, EW reports.

Tahir, who’s previously appeared in Dallas and Warehouse 13 will play the hardened leader of the Nautilus submarine. The character was introduced by Jules Verne in the 1870 novel.

But don’t expect him to look anything like the novel version, or, for that matter, the Disney version. This is Once Upon A Time after all, and the writers are always very, very good at putting their own spin on beloved characters.

Considering that one of the teases coming out of San Diego Comic-Con was that we would get some surprising secrets about Hook’s backstory it’s probably safe to say that Captain Nemo met out beloved pirate at some point.

This season Once Upon A Time will introduce Tahir, as Nemo, Oded Fehr as Jafar, Deniz Akdeniz as Aladdin, Karen David as Princess Jasmine, Giles Matthey as Morpheus, and Craig Horner as the Count of Monte Cristo.

Once Upon a Time returns Sunday, Sept. 25 at 8/7c  on ABC.

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