Five Once Upon A Time Questions we want answered at SDCC

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  1. LNSwan says:

    1. I dont know what they did with Belle in season 5, it was just like making escuses in saying hey you fell in love with the man, now you must accept the man he is, whilst he has murdered, lied and is selfish. But hey i guess he is actually being truthful to what he always has been and wants to be. And his priorities.

    2. Slow burn romance. I get it for Emma’s love story and being central protagonist lead, it happens. But these two have been through mega angst. Darkness and Death. Let them have some peace and settle down lovingly. These true loves.

    3. Baffled at Regina even thinking that EQ is like some dark one curse, its not – it was all you. About time she accepted that and control her urges.

    4. I was never into Robin at all or much liked the actor’s acting (so much lacking). No presense, no acting much and just a plot device to push Regina and her povs. In a way glad he is gone. I do not think he will be back esp the way it was done and also the showrunners let the actor and character go now. Finality in naming the baby after him lol.

    5. I still cringe at knowing what Snowing named their baby and so wished it was different lol. Leo would of been good. I think they feel like they are honouring these characters i mean get Robin (in the sense, he was good man but dull character), but Neal – no thanks. It wont surprise me if Rumbelle name their kid – Baelfire 2 lol

    6. I loved his hair this season due to that it suited the arcs – Dark One and Underworld. I mean who has time for a hair cut and so on when battling darkness and death. Aww.

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