‘Survive’ Episode 7, “I Can’t Hear You”

As you may recall in the last episode, Jane and Paul jumped off the side of a cliff – as one does when your plane crashes on the top of what seems like the worlds tallest mountain.

Personally, I thought they would break something. I just expected something to be broken. A leg, an arm… an ego.

But no.

These two are obviously in pain, as one would be after falling through a tall ass tree and hitting a million branches.

The two are happy that they have made it. But Paul quickly notices that there is a bottle of pills on the ground. He asks if they are hers. The look on her face was one of pain and one of wanting to retreat.

I was impressed that Paul knew what the pills were and I was impressed that she had the balls to admit what was going on with herself. She told him that she had a plan and he asks her if there is more. He wants to know that she’s not gonna quit on him.

He wants to know that she’s going to make it because they both know that they need each other to make it through all of this.

Jane doesn’t want to tell him the reasons why she was going to quit on life. She doesn’t want to admit anything. And I can respect that, because it’s a lot for someone to take in and it’s very personal. It’s a lot for someone to let out, especially when they are fighting for their lives.

Paul is standing there and holding the bottle of pills. Jane tells him that the pills are now in his hands and he better not tap out on her.

These two are under the worst of circumstances and I can’t even imagine what they are going through.

The two continue and Jane just wants to take a break. Like who can blame her. It’s cold. There is no food or water. I am sure they are afraid.

Paul is far ahead of Jane when he sees a cave. They are knee deep in snow and he knows that they have to find a safe place to be. He turns to yell at Jane and tell her that he’s found a cave.

But she can’t hear him.

He hears noises and looks up and sees that there is an avalanche coming. Jane can’t hear him and by the time she notices that it’s coming – it’s too late.

The avalanche takes her by surprise and Paul doesn’t think twice about running to her.

Jane is asking for help in a faint whisper. Paul finds her and digs her out – frantically trying to get to her before she dies. He is not giving up on her and drags her into the cave.

This shit just keeps getting worse and worse for all of them and my heart hurts for them. They are fighting to survive and everything is up in their way. I feel like these two need each other and I feel like in order to get through they have to both survive.

And I am rooting for both of them.

Survive is streaming now on Quibi.

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