‘Survivor’ Episode 6, “Don’t Look Down”

Never trust someone who says trust me.

My Grandma taught me that. She told me that people who say that are always going to lead you astray.

Paul said this to Jane today and I have to admit – I was like man, don’t make me hate you.

So, as we know, Jane and Paul are on their way away from the crash. Paul let her know that they couldn’t stay in the same place and she followed. Like I mean, I am not trying to be a bitch, but like I wouldn’t have moved. I would have been like if a bitch is gonna get buried in the snow. I do not scale down the side of mountains.


But Jane is a better person than me, because she follows Paul. She apologizes to Paul for calling him an asshole. She does think twice when he tells her they are going to have to go down the side of a mountain – but like ummm…. of course she does.

I wouldn’t be like I am going to follow you. I’d be like you go get us help and a bitch will be sitting here waiting for you right here.


Look, the one good thing about this is that Jane hasn’t given up the will to live. She’s find a will to live and a will to go on.

And that’s pretty huge.

I think that for Jane, this is a huge step. It’s a huge step that she is finding a will to live, when for so long all she’s had is a will to give up. For Jane, it’s been a complicated life, but when she’s faced with an extreme that she didn’t know was coming, it made her reevaluate life.

And she’s also felt this will to live. This wasn’t her plan.

They keep going down the side of a mountain and Paul keeps saying, trust me. DUDE! Like stop for a second. This isn’t comforting. This isn’t the way that things work. Like you’re going to need to coerce me down the side of a mountain.

And then they get to a point where you are like shit couldn’t get any worse. But people of the world, it’s when you think things like that, that you know that it’s only going to get worse.

The run out of cliff and Jane, being logical is like there is a solution, right? Lord, don’t ask things that you don’t want to know that answers too. Especially when that includes jumping off the side of a mountain into a tree.

Like do I look high? I mean sure, Jane has some oxy, but she hasn’t taken it. Paul jumps and I swear I felt my vagina tighten in fear. Don’t ask. Shit happens.

Jane doesn’t know if he’s survived at first, but quickly finds out when Paul says he’s fine and tells her that she has to jump. The look on Janes face is like he is crazy and I don’t blame her.

I would think he’s fucking insane.

But she does what she has to do. She jumps and we see her falling through a tree.

Look, Jane has found a will to survive and I appreciate that she’s found it.

Survive is airing on Quibi.

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