Peacock Debuts The Teaser For ‘Pitch Perfect: Bumper In Berlin’

The teaser for #PitchPerfectBumperInBerlin is here & it’s peak Bumper. We love it.

Sarah Michelle Gellar Posts A First Look At Her Character For The Paramount+ Series, ‘The Wolf Pack’

Sarah Michelle Gellar returning to TV? We’re not mad about it. The actress debuted the first look at her new character for #TheWolfPack

Lindsay Lohan Joins The Cast Of Netflix’s Movie ‘Irish Wish’

Lindsay Lohan is starring in another Rom-Com? Yes please. We’ve missed her movies & definitely want more. Learn all about #IrishWish

See The Trailer For ‘Love In The Villa’

Give us all the tropey goodness and all the Italian scenery. We need and want it now. See the trailer for #LoveInTheVilla

We’re Always Down For A Scandal… Especially ‘Anatomy Of A Scandal’

Scandal. We’re excited for the anatomy of one. See the trailer and some pics from #AnatomyOfAScandal

‘The Girls On The Bus’ Receives Straight To Series Order

Melissa Benoist will be returning to our TV and we ain’t mad about it. Read more about the all new series here.

Seven Added To The Peacock Series, ‘The Resort’

There was a lot of casting for the upcoming Peacock show #TheResort. We’re happy knowing that Debby Ryan will be returning to our screens!

‘Emily In Paris’ 2×07 Review: “The Cook, the Thief, Her Ghost and His Lover”

Everything changed with one lie this episode & we’re not living for it. We’re kinda pissed. But we’re hoping it will all get fixed. Emily and Gabriel 4ever.

‘And Just Like That’ 1×04 Review: “Some Of My Best Friends”

Just as we thought that #AndJustLikeThat wasn’t going to be so cringeworthy, they were like one second… hold our cosmo

‘Dollface’ 2×02 Photos: “Right Hand Woman”

The photos for the second episode of #Dollface have been released. We’re really needing new episodes ASAP.

Lily Collins Explained Why Covid-19 Isn’t Part Of The ‘Emily In Paris’ Storyline

Why isn’t COVID part of the storyline for #EmilyInParis? Lily Collins explains why.

‘Gossip Girl’ 1×11 Review: “You Can’t Take It With Jules”

There was a reset in episode 11 of Gossip Girl or you know, the beginning of one. And the chaos that will come we’re here for.

‘Gossip Girl’ 1×10 Review: “Final Cancellation”

Drama is the name of the game when it comes to #GossipGirl and what’s more dramatic than being cancelled? In todays world, not much.

‘The Sex Life Of College Girls’ Renewed For A Second Season

Season 2 of #TheSexLifeOfCollege girls! Yes please. Read the announcement here!

‘Gossip Girl’ 1×09 Review: “Blackberry Narcissus”

The real issue with #GossipGirl isn’t the kids – it’s the damn adults. Especially the people behind the Instagram account. Fuck they are cruel

‘Gossip Girl’ 1×08 Review: “Posts On A Scandal”

Oh Upper East Siders, shit is so dramatic and that’s okay. That’s part of what life is – drama. Family drama, work drama, school drama… it’s all so much. We can say that we don’t like drama, but the truth…

‘Gossip Girl’ 1×07 Review: Holidays Are Fucked Up Everywhere

Well now, you didn’t think she was gone for good did you? #GossipGirl has a way of showing up, just when you think you’re safe from her wrath.

The Trailer For The Second Half Of The First Season Of ‘Gossip Girl’ Has Been Released

HOLY SHIT! The trailer for the second half of the first season of #GossipGirl is here and we need a cold shower.

See New Pictures For ‘Love Hard’

Tis the season! Does anything matter right now besides all of the greatness that we are about to experience with the onset of Christmas movies. And one that we’re definitely looking forward to is Love Hard, which premieres tomorrow on…

Nicola Coughlan Wraps On Season 2 Of ‘Bridgerton’

Season 2 of #Bridgerton has wrapped filming. We’re one step closer to getting more of the show we love and that makes us happy!

Kathryn Gallagher To Join The Cast Of ‘Gossip Girl’

We’re hoping that this addition to the #GossipGirl cast will put Obie in his place. Cause he needs to be put there.