‘Gossip Girl’ 1×09 Review: “Blackberry Narcissus”

The real issue with #GossipGirl isn’t the kids – it’s the damn adults. Especially the people behind the Instagram account. Fuck they are cruel

‘Gossip Girl’ 1×08 Review: “Posts On A Scandal”

Oh Upper East Siders, shit is so dramatic and that’s okay. That’s part of what life is – drama. Family drama, work drama, school drama… it’s all so much. We can say that we don’t like drama, but the truth…

‘Gossip Girl’ 1×07 Review: Holidays Are Fucked Up Everywhere

Well now, you didn’t think she was gone for good did you? #GossipGirl has a way of showing up, just when you think you’re safe from her wrath.

The Trailer For The Second Half Of The First Season Of ‘Gossip Girl’ Has Been Released

HOLY SHIT! The trailer for the second half of the first season of #GossipGirl is here and we need a cold shower.

See New Pictures For ‘Love Hard’

Tis the season! Does anything matter right now besides all of the greatness that we are about to experience with the onset of Christmas movies. And one that we’re definitely looking forward to is Love Hard, which premieres tomorrow on…

Nicola Coughlan Wraps On Season 2 Of ‘Bridgerton’

Season 2 of #Bridgerton has wrapped filming. We’re one step closer to getting more of the show we love and that makes us happy!

Kathryn Gallagher To Join The Cast Of ‘Gossip Girl’

We’re hoping that this addition to the #GossipGirl cast will put Obie in his place. Cause he needs to be put there.

See The Teaser For ‘The Sex Lives Of College Girls’

College life from the mind of Mindy Kaling? Well, yes please. See the teaser for #TheSexLivesOfCollegeGirls here!

So Long, Lucifer, and Thanks for All the Whisky

So long, Lucifer, and thanks for all the whisky. Or, better yet, thanks for all the love, and all the lessons. We’ll cherish them forever.

‘Lucifer’ Season 6 Mirrors ‘The Good Place’ in One Key Aspect

Lucifer season 6 takes one important lesson from The Good Place in crafting its ending, and it’s the perfect message to end on.

‘Lucifer’ 6×10 Review: “Partners ‘Til The End”

Lucifer 6×10 “Partners ‘Til The End” takes away a part of us and makes us hate “bittersweet” endings more passionately. Time for review!

‘Lucifer’ Season 6 Showcases How to Write Couples: Communication, Communication, Communication

Lucifer season 6 is a masterclass in how to write couples. Every showrunner out there should be taking notes for the future.

‘Lucifer’ 6×09 Review: “Goodbye, Lucifer”

Lucifer 6×09 “Goodbye, Lucifer” is that episode where you can’t stop crying because the show takes away your soul. Time for review!

‘Lucifer’ Season 6: A Father & Daughter Find Perfect Harmony

There’s a lot to talk about with Lucifer Season 6, and we’ve definitely already done a lot of it. We’ll probably do a lot more, and won’t regret a second of it. But what I personally never expected to talk…

‘Lucifer’ 6×08 Review: “Save The Devil, Save The World”

Lucifer 6×08 “Save The Devil, Save The World” is a mix between emotional scenes and scenes forced to have a comic point. Time for review!

There’s Once Again A ‘Lucifer’ Scene Everyone’s Talking About

Lucifer season 6 gave us some Deckerstar sex …and there’s a particular scene the internet cannot stop talking about.

‘Lucifer’ 6×07 Review: “My Best Fiend’s Wedding”

Lucifer 6×07 “My Best Fiend’s Wedding” is one of the best episodes of the show. They bet them to reach our souls go up and… they get it.

D.B. Woodside Talks Directing, that BLM episode and Amenadiel’s ‘Lucifer’ Season 6 Fate

We talked to D.B Woodside about season 6 of Lucifer, Amenadiel’s fate, and getting a chance to direct. Don’t miss it!

‘Lucifer’ 6×06 Review: “A Lot Dirtier Than That”

Lucifer 6×06 “A Lot Dirtier Than That” deals with racism in our society while showing us a father and daughter fight.

Addison Rae Talks About The Most Challenging Scene To Film In ‘He’s All That’

We see the humor in this, but then again we weren’t the one that had to keep jumping in a shower.

Aimee Garcia Talks Second Chances, Forgiving Oneself and What Ella Lopez’s ‘Lucifer’ Journey Means

We talked to Lucifer’s Aimee Garcia about the journey of Ella Lopez, the ending of Lucifer Season 6 and why this last season is special.