‘Blindspot’ Season Finale Review

We’re hereM blindspotters! The season ends with this double episode where all pieces, even the smallest ones, fit together to reach a conclusion that changes everything forever. The secrets of the entire team are revealed, and both the trust they have in each other and what they mean to each other is the main axis of a conflict with an unexpected end. Let’s talk about everything!

Here we go!


Madeline’s plan is finally clear, well, both her plan and her real motives. Her commitment to ending the FBI goes beyond a plan to dominate the world, it is something more personal: revenge. She blames the FBI for killing her father and destroying her family and herself. She feels no scruples, and has no limits when it comes to this.

In fact, the attack was only the means of executing her true plan: to inculcate the entire team with everything she and her henchmen have done to make their own agency, turn their backs on them and even kill them. Intelligent, sibylline, surprising and it has gone down perfectly.

Seriously, they’re idiots at the FBI! They punish their own people before the real criminals, and they always look at the wrong people. On this occasion and as a surprise, the villains win. Madeline gets all the power in the New York agency and has everyone on the payroll, shielding her position, and making sure they end the team.

And they fulfill their mission, so much so, that the FBI orders them killed, attacks them and everything is shattered, including their careers and their lives.

It’s a risky, courageous move … and I love it. It’s a change, a turnaround to what we had seen now and, frankly, after this season with more bad points than good ones, they needed a hit of effect like that to get us hooked for the next season. And I really liked how they did it, maintaining the tension until the end and giving the villain such a human and emotional motive that we can glimpse the lost girl she was, and understand why she hates the FBI so much.

Now, are all dead? I’m sure the answer is no. Jane realized that something was happening before it happened and I think everyone else inside the cabin did as well and managed to escape before the cabin exploded. So I think that nothing happened to them, but that will be the perfect alibi while they clean their names. The question is whether each of them think that others are dead or not. What do you think?


Special mention to the team’s speech and the end. All the secrets have exploded after cooking in a pot over low heat. Mistrust is palpable … and Reade is unfair. For example, he shouts at Kurt that he has married a terrorist,  and that’s when it all goes bad. Afterwards, he keeps repeating that he doesn’t believe that people change and, basically, that he doesn’t trust Jane and that a part of him continues to consider her someone who doesn’t belong to the team … and he would be willing to sacrifice her for the sake of others.

Here Reade has gone too far, Kurt has done what he had to by jumping at him. Now, it doesn’t make sense what he says about Jane, he has seen her change, he has really known her and he trusts her … it makes no sense that he suddenly says no and is willing to sacrifice her life, and consider her to be on the outside of the family they are. Jane has become part of his family, with everything that entails.

What Reade says is the result of mistrust and pain, to know that his colleagues hide things from him but that pain doesn’t justify everything … although, Reade is human and it is clear that he is making a serious mistake here because, aside from what he says, his words hurt Jane … it hurts her to know that Reade thinks that (although he really doesn’t), she has done so much to gain their trust, to be part of the family, changed her whole life and it hurts her to know that, apparently, that has not meant anything.

Kurt and Jane have also made their own mistakes, of course, they should have confessed what was happening so that the whole team could have dealt with the problem by protecting Jane. Like Rich and Patterson, who didn’t calculate the consequences of not saying anything about Kathy.

All have made mistakes and have acted selfishly … but are not yet ready to admit it. They are too angry, especially Reade and Kurt, and hence Weller’s words. Those painful words that stick like daggers when he declares that only Jane is his family, none of the team is. That is a lie. Actually, they are family, a family by choice. Everyone feels this way, but they are too confused to see everything with perspective and say what they really feel. Ask for forgiveness and make clear what they mean to each other. It hurts like hell … both those words and when they later say that they will trust each other “for the last time”.

But everyone’s life is in danger … and that makes them, in the end, put into perspective the secrets, the trust and the importance of the others. That is when, without words and with that hug so meaningful, they ask for forgiveness and everything is forgotten. With family, you don’t need words, but even so, Kurt wants to say them and make it clear that he also considers them family.

Ultimately, they know that they have lost their jobs and their careers, even their lives, but between them there is laughter, music, happiness … because they have recovered their family by choice. Is beautiful!


Strange, complicated and contradictory character. It is … attractive to try to unravel this snake. I really think that he has a special affection for the members of his team, that their lives and well-being matter to him. That’s why he protests against the accusations that the FBI is throwing against them and tries to help Rich escape. He simply doesn’t care enough to sacrifice himself for them. He does everything for them … except sacrifice himself.

Once saving the team means going down too, he decides to look the other way. He doesn’t agree with what is happening … but he does nothing to prevent it; not even knowing that they are going to kill or torture innocent people.

Moreover, he literally prefers to leave the room because he “can’t see that” but it is in his power is to stop it and he doesn’t. It is despicable, but also human. Many times, we advocate for justice … until that means that our ass is in danger. In that case, things change and justice no longer matters as much as your own ass. I like to see that the characters in the show are not flat, perfect and unreal … if not human, we can identify with them, with their feelings and situations.


OTP par excellence! I loved seeing them on the same side, complementing each other as always and facing what comes at them, together. I also liked a lot that Jane was there for Kurt and encouraged him about Bethany, it was very sweet that she put the drawing of the little girl in his heart, that made him smile … Jane and her daughter are everything to him. That’s why he could not let anything hurt them, including Weitz. He had to protect them and he would do it at all costs.

I almost died when they decided to move to Colorado to be closer to the little one and be able to live in peace … but tranquility lasts little. Reade discovers what they are hiding, and sees Kurt so protective of Jane. Kurt has not hesitated to hit Reade as soon as he offended Jane, he can say anything about him, but saying something about Jane is totally different. That has been so hot! Really, put a Kurt Weller in my life!

However, things are more distorted with the end. It seemed that everything had returned to normal, they were enjoying their second family, happy and relaxed … but in a second everything changes. Jane is witness to how the cabin jumps through the air, she is aware of how her family and all her life, the love of her life … die … or so it seems, but we must remember that in this show nothing is what it seems. I’m sure Jeller will meet again, both will fight for that to happen. Meanwhile, it seems that we are going to suffer … but everything will be worth it.


The couple has gone through all the feelings that exist between distrust and wanting to start something new. At first, when Reade suspected there was something wrong with Kurt and Weitz and they were hiding something, Tasha has been by his side, supporting him, advising him.

They have been formed as three groups. On the one hand, Kurt and Weitz, on the other Patterson and Rich and, finally, Tasha and Reade, who knew something was wrong. At no time Reade has suspected her or questioned her, he knew that she was on his side. He trusted her.

But everything has changed when Reade has confirmed his suspicions: there are secrets in the team. Then the things that he had overlooked about Tasha, which he had decided to forget and forgive and that he had done without realizing, have re-taken relevance. He recalled that Tasha is capable of lying to him looking into his eyes, he knows that Kurt keeps secrets, he has already caught several lies from Patterson and Rich … Reade feels he can’t trust anyone, not even Tasha. He hates to separate her from his side like that, distrusting her … but he can’t help thinking, he can’t help but suspect … although deep down he knows that he can trust her without any doubt.

Reade is human and so we would all react. When we live a situation similar to one we’ve gone through before it’s like a switch that turns on suddenly, and you remember that a person you love has already done something like that and suspicion appears, although we know deep down that we can trust.

It’s not fair, because if we forgive and give someone another chance, it means re-trusting that person completely … but it’s human. Humans are not perfect, far from it. So I understand Reade’s position.

Tasha, on the other hand, feels hurt when Reade distrusts her. She thought that he had forgiven her, that they were recovering what they had, whatever it was, that Reade trusted her … and knowing that all this was just a mirage, that at the moment of truth he doesn’t trust at all in her … that breaks Tasha completely, although she tries to hold stoic. She doesn’t intend to let Reade see how much his distrust has affected her. She doesn’t think to collapse before him.

And she doesn’t do it for two things; the first is that she thinks she deserves it, after all, she lied to him and betrayed him, she is aware of what she did and what it means; the second reason is that she doesn’t see what else she can do to win his trust again, so that he sees her in the same way that he saw her before … that is just something that is Reade’s decision.

Soon, circumstances make it impossible to stop to analyze personal feelings but, at the same time, make it urgent to do so because the secrets have broken the whole team. Reade can’t avoid throwing them in the face of all things of the past (with more and less reason in different cases, as we have said) and Tasha chooses a mediating position. They need to be united more than ever, they need to be a family to face everything that is thrown at them.

After some ups and downs, they do just that and it is something that leads them to the old camaraderie and forces them to put things in perspective. At the end of the trip, they have nothing professionally speaking but they have everything, everything important. Everyone feels that they have recovered their second family, they have dodged that bullet. The adventure that awaits them is going to be difficult and lonely, but everyone is certain that they will have each other. Everyone knows they are not alone.

It is then, in the midst of euphoria, fear and having nothing to lose that Tasha dares to take the first step. She takes Reade’s hand. It’s a small, insignificant touch … that can only mean the support of a friend or much more … it depends on Reade. She looks him in the eye and tells everything with that look. Reade responds, squeezes her hand. Strong. To never let her escape. It is what he says with his eyes and with his gesture. He wants that to mean something more. Much more. He also asks for forgiveness without words. Trusts in her, forgives her, loves her … wants to live what has been denied to them until now.

But happiness lasts little, the agency  which they have served for so many years attacks them and everything explodes around them. What has happened to them? I don’t believe that any of them are dead, but they have had to separate in the midst of chaos. I hope they meet again and soon, moreover, I hope they are where they are, together. And don’t ever separate again.


In conclusion, I can only say, HOLY SHIT! They have left everything for the end! Of course, they have put all the meat on the grill and those smaller pieces of the puzzle that seemed insignificant make sense. It has been a very smart plan for Madeline and the series. They have exploited everything they had previously, all their bases and have created something new.

The characters have lost everything they had at the beginning of the show, everything with which they were defined … in fact, history has turned around. At the beginning it was Jane who was persecuted and treated like an enemy and now, they are all in that situation.

In addition, it is something new because it leaves the scheme of the series so far, in which the villain is defeated. In this episode, Madeline has won. She has managed to destroy the lives and careers of the entire team, have at her service those who remain and direct the FBI. So, they give us something really interesting to look forward to in the next season, how will the team get out of this and finish Madeline and her followers?

As for the episodes themselves, I think they have followed a steady pace in which little by little we think they have been fitting in and, for the first time in several weeks, we have not been able to take our eyes off the screen. The characters and their conflicts have been well developed and have given us a sense of conclusion while leaving the end open.

I really liked what they have done. It is a very brave decision to finish at a stroke with the status quo of the show and restart it in a way that has never been done and, in addition, plant the seed of what will be the last season. All this without losing sight of the characters in terms of the relationship that unites them, the fundamental pillar of the show, reinforcing those relationships and only changing them for the better. Get ready because the next season is going to be fantastic!

For my part, thank you for joining us every week in this review. A pleasure to share with you all the feelings that the show provokes us, both good and bad, is the best thing that this series has: fandom and the union that is behind it. Really, thank you! And I hope you continue to accompany us in the fifth and final season. But before that, we will see each other soon with the review of the season, where we will talk about what has worked and what hasn’t in the season.

Agree? Disagree? Don’t hesitate to share your opinion with us in the comments below!

Blindspot returns this fall on NBC.

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