‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D’ 6×04 Review: Deke Returns!


Well, “Code Yellow” gives us the answer to that question in an episode that wasn’t bad or anything, but after the perfection of “Fear and Loathing on the Planet of Kitson,” there was bound to be the feeling of a letdown of sorts with this episode. Maybe my bias is showing, but after two earth-bound episodes and two space-bound episodes, I’m enjoying the space stuff a bit more than what’s happening on this old planet.

Now that isn’t to say there wasn’t lots of good things about this episode because there were! So I’m going to highlight a few of those things that I enjoyed and a few I didn’t in “Code Yellow” and Deke’s return to the fold.

  • Seeing Deke again was a pleasant surprise as he’s quite a business for himself in the past year. I suppose it’s not quite ethical to use knowledge from the future to do so but honestly I think we would all do the same so we can’t really throw stones. The most interesting thing though is that Deke still holds quite the flame for Daisy as evidence by “the framework’ fantasy Deke goes through at the beginning of the episode. Now making a fantasy where Daisy seems like a helpless damsel in distress is very problematic for Deke. (and when Daisy finds out, I wouldn’t want to be him for all the money in the world. ) As for if anything else has changed with Deke….nah. He’s still the same wisecracking dude we know and (Some) love.
  • Sarge and his troops are on the hunt for anything that doesn’t belong. And they are ruthless in how they get rid of those things. From the man they stabbed to death to hunting down Deke to the end when they capture May , Fake Coulson and his group might be the most vicious group that the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D have ever faced.
  • As for the man originally stabbed by Sarge and his gang, the team takes him to the lab to investigate why he has spikes coming out of him. The cause : One of the freakiest bird-looking things you will ever see. If birds could be zombified , this is what it would look like. The bird attacks Keller, Yo-Yo and Benson only to go inside of Keller causing one of the most painful deaths I think I’ve ever seen on tv. Between the seizures and the spike formation coming out of his body, Yo-Yo stabbing him to end his pain was the biggest mercy you could give the guy.
  • The emotional ramifications of this is going to be really hard on Yo-Yo. From going through losing her hands , then losing Mack because of the job and now losing her latest boyfriend Keller, Yo-Yo has gone through a lot of pain this year physically and emotionally. It’s made even worse now that Keller finally told Mack that he and Elena were a couple now and was willing to fight for her (Emotionally not physically). Give my girl Elena a damn break for once!

  • May’s fight with Snowflake just highlights how kick-ass Ming-Na Wen is for having these types of scenes after coming back from knee surgery. Well she is a Disney Legend after all.
  • MVP of the episode goes to the co-showrunner Maurissa Tancharoen for her hilarious turn as Deke’s social-media influence girlfriend Sequoia. From her cluelessness to what is happening during Sarge’s attack to the bust a gut laughing ending scene where she recounts her day in her instagram story (which you can enjoy on the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D instagram site here: https://www.instagram.com/stories/agentsofshield/?hl=en ) , it was the perfect comic relief to a very serious episode.
  • Best line of the episode goes to Deke when Mack finds out about the Daisy fantasy that Deke created – “2 percent. I will give you 2 percent of the entire company to forget you ever saw that.”
  • “Code Yellow” being the name for Deke by S.H.I.E.L.D due to the lemons incident with Deke was a nice little touch by Mack there.
  • Nothing from the Space storyline this week which is a bigger bummer to tell the truth. Was hoping for a Enoch/Simmons scene at the very least but I guess we will have to wait two weeks now for that.
  • OH YEAH by the way, no Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D next week due to the NBA Finals (GO RAPTORS!)

So we really aren’t any closer to knowing why Sarge and his team are so intent on destroying planet after planet but now we do know he has May and some seriously sinister plans for her. My question right now is not if but how much pain will be inflicted on May and how much more will she give back on Sarge and his crew. I don’t know what happens next but I do know that I would want to be in a locked up truck with a pissed-off Melinda May. Good luck Sarge.

What did you think of “Code Yellow”? Let us know in the comments section.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D returns in two weeks on June 14th at 8pm on ABC

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