‘Cloak & Dagger’ 2×10 Review: ‘Level Up’

Change. It’s a word that at first recognition might make you nervous. After all, most people don’t like change. They like what is constant, what is safe and what they can control.
But in Cloak & Dagger’s season 2 finale, we caught a glimpse of why change might not necessarily be a bad thing.
Throughout the finale, Tyrone and Tandy continued to show why they’re stronger together than apart. I feel like I’ve talked about it with every review, but that’s because that’s what this show has shown us in every episode this season. They’re a team. They’re stronger together. And it’s that which was helped cultivate the bond between them.
As Ty and Tandy faced off against their own personal demons — Tandy against her father and Ty against this idealized version of himself — we were reminded of how the hardships of their lives have affected them — and especially in this season, where they were forced to encounter them head on.
Andre, our big bad who used others’ pain to alleviate his own, realized pretty quickly that the way to weaken Ty and Tandy is to separate them. Which he did. But their bond has grown so strong this season, as we’ve witnessed, that even Andre couldn’t keep them apart. They called out to each other and eventually broke through Andre’s enchantments to be reunited.
Then the fun began, as Ty and Tandy decided to take on each other’s despair. It was a reminder that they have each other’s backs, and that we should, too. Tandy fought idealized Tyrone and Ty fought Tandy’s dad. And while it was necessary for Tyrone and Tandy to eventually go back and fight and win their own battle, this sequence gave us one of the best scenes in the finale.
Tandy told off this idealized Tyrone about how he isn’t half the man that her Tyrone is. That he’s managed to get knocked down repeatedly, but he always rises. He’s a fighter. He’s strong. He saved her.

Tyrone let Tandy’s dad have it. This was a man that didn’t just abuse his wife, but he left his daughter to pick up the pieces. Tandy has struggled with this all season, and Tyrone went off about how Tandy is going to rise from the ashes of her father’s anger. Just watch her.
It was all so freaking beautiful and had me emotional. I would’ve been good with that. Until Cloak & Dagger gave me the most beautiful thing:

This is the very thing I’ve been waiting for since the pilot. Knowing that Tyrone and Tandy would evolve into a romance has kept me breathing throughout this series. I need to see it. I NEED IT.
I’ve loved how it wasn’t an instantaneous thing. It was a natural build-up. Acquaintances. Diving Pairing. Friends. And you know the next step…
Now, the Tyrandy door is unlocked. And I don’t know about you, but I’m about to run headfirst through that thing.
Can we get our season 3 now, pretty please?
P.S. Waffles will forever be superior to pancakes. I don’t make the rules.

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