When I think of Thanksgiving, I think of food and football, not cheesy romantic/family movies. And yet, after watching Freeform’s Turkey Drop, strangely enough the first fully Thanksgiving movie I’ve ever watched, I’m ready to admit that perhaps, my narrow view of the holiday needs a little bit of updating.Read More →


Change. It’s a word that at first recognition might make you nervous. After all, most people don’t like change. They like what is constant, what is safe and what they can control. But in Cloak & Dagger’s season 2 finale, we caught a glimpse of why change might not necessarilyRead More →

Love and loss. The foundation for pretty much every story out there. They’re two of the most powerful emotions, and in Cloak & Dagger’s penultimate episode, we got to see how those factors influenced the season’s big bad. When you lose what you love, it’s painful. Whether that’s someone youRead More →

As Cloak & Dagger continues to wade through its sophomore season, there are more questions than answers that are being raised. Questions that are being introduced before they become pivotal parts of this season. Who is behind the missing girls? Is Mayhem actually the enemy? What’s the line between what’sRead More →

You can’t look anywhere these days without seeing superheroes. Superheroes on the big screen. Superheroes on the small screen. Superheroes on video games. Superheroes are everywhere — and we’re so here for it! One of our favorite new shows that debuted last year was Freeform’s Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger, which beautifully weavedRead More →

The Divine Pairing is coming back for more. And there’s so much story left to explore! Cloak & Dagger was renewed for a season 2 by Freeform, as announced at its San Diego Comic-Con panel on Friday. The show will return in Spring 2019. Cloak & Dagger has currently aired eightRead More →

Tyrone and Tandy seek to get justice on the eight-year anniversary of the tragic deaths of their brother and father, respectively. Plus, O’Reilly finds out what happens when you get too close to the fire. Read on for our Cloak & Dagger review. There’s nothing more satisfying as a TVRead More →

“Lotus Eaters” laid the foundation for a beautiful friendship between Tyrone and Tandy while straddling the line between what’s real and what’s not. Read on for our Cloak & Dagger review. Life is tough. Sometimes it’s hard to live in. Sometimes you’d like to escape into some alternate reality where you haveRead More →

I remember when I was binging the first four episodes of Cloak & Dagger and the moment I got to episode 4. It was the moment where, for me, everything changed. In a much different way than the pilot episode, which ignited a literal spark between our two star-crossed lovers.Read More →

Marvel and Freeform have joined forces to bring viewers a different type of superhero series – this time with an interracial teen couple at the forefront with Cloak & Dagger.  Marvel has always pushed the boundaries with their television series, with the Netflix series focused on the gritty street level heroesRead More →