‘Cloak & Dagger’ 2×04 Review: ‘Rabbit Hold’

As Cloak & Dagger continues to wade through its sophomore season, there are more questions than answers that are being raised. Questions that are being introduced before they become pivotal parts of this season.
Who is behind the missing girls? Is Mayhem actually the enemy? What’s the line between what’s right, what’s wrong and what’s necessary?
The great thing about Cloak & Dagger is that it continuously has you questioning the decisions these characters are making and watching as those choices dictate their journeys. And if this season is any indication, it’s going to be one hell of a season 2.
Let’s discuss Cloak & Dagger‘s “Rabbit Hold.”

Inside the Cloak

MARVEL’S CLOAK & DAGGER – “Rabbit Hold” – Still on her quest to find out more about the sex trafficking ring, Tandy takes a dangerous trip to find Mayhem, who may have the answers she is looking for. Meanwhile, Tyrone’s past actions catch up to him and put Adina in harm’s way. This episode of “Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger” airs April 18 (8:00-9:01 p.m. EDT) on Freeform. (Freeform/Alyssa Moran)

The questions: “Where did Connors go?” and “Where did Mayhem disappear to?” were finally answered in this episode, as we learned that there’s a supernatural realm that exists within Tyrone’s Cloak. And those two people just so happen to be the answers to a couple of huge problems for Tyrone and Tandy.
Connors, the only person that can clear Tyrone’s name, is inside the Cloak. Mayhem, the person that can help Ty and Tandy find those missing girls, is inside the Cloak. And since Tyrone can’t go in there after them, it’s up to Tandy to do it.
But Tandy doesn’t exactly get what she expected when she journeys inside the Cloak. She meets a guide — the Crossroads — that tells her the only way out is through. Now, Mayhem won’t be able to get out on her own because she’s only half a person. So Tandy is going to have to find a way out for the both of them.
Along the way, Tandy and Mayhem sort of team up. They come across what turns out to be Connors, who has set up camp in one of these shops in this “mall,” and he’s been living there for months. Eight months to be exact. While Tandy and Mayhem are similar in their mindset, there is one thing that they differ in — which is what to do with Connors. Tandy needs Connors to come back to clear Tyrone’s name. Mayhem just wants Connors dead, for what he did to Fuchs.
While there’s a clash between the two — with Mayhem nearly killing Connors but Tandy saving him — that’s not the most interesting part of their little journey. That would be the record store, which serves as a large hint to these missing girls. The record covers are the faces of all of these missing girls, including Mikayela.
Then Tandy comes across some records with her name and face, which provide previously locked away memories that shake her to her core. All of these repressed memories that show how terrible her father was to her mother. How her parents would constantly bicker. How her mom almost moved them out of the house when she was younger.
Tandy has been so focused on how Roxxon had wronged her father — how he died a martyr — that she’d forgotten, and repressed, memories that shed light on the man he actually was. But now, Tandy’s eyes are finally being opened to the truth. And we again were reminded just how not okay Tandy is with those whole thing.

On the Run

MARVEL’S CLOAK & DAGGER – “Restless Energy” – Now living very different lives, Tyrone and Tandy try to stay under the wire while still honing their powers. After coming to terms with their destiny, the two now find it difficult to just stand by and do nothing while bad things continue to happen throughout the city. Meanwhile, Brigid is struggling from her recovery. This episode of “MarvelÕs Cloak & Dagger” airs Thursday, April 4 (8:00 Ð 9:00 p.m. ET/PT) on Freeform. (Freeform/Alfonso Bresciani)

While Tandy was searching for answers inside the Cloak, Tyrone found himself on the run from the police and the Uptown Block Kings. Oh, and did I forget to mention he was without his powers? I wonder if that had something to do with Tandy being inside the Cloak — that it negated them. Because once she was back, Tyrone was able to get the hell out of there.
Tyrone’s little run from the law and the gang provided some nice mother-son bonding time, as Tyrone was forced to bring his mom with him as she was a target of the Kings. Together, they ran through New Orleans in search of safety but finding trouble at every turn.
Tyrone’s biggest fear is not being able to save those people that he cares for — be it his mom, his dad, Tandy… He wasn’t able to save Billy, so that’s something that stays with him wherever he goes. And this episode was a good look at Tyrone’s nightmare come to life. Not only was he on the run, but he had to worry about his mom’s safety.
Eventually, Tyrone was able to save his mom and get to safety without the police catching him. And it just so happens that the key to Tyrone clearing his name just came out of the Cloak…Connors is back, and it’s time to clear Tyrone’s name.

Different Breed of Monster

MARVEL’S CLOAK & DAGGER – “Shadow Selves” – After learning about a group of young girls who have gone missing, Tandy and Tyrone look to see if they can find out what has happened to them. As they get further into their investigation they realize someone else is trying to rescue the girls too, but in her own vigilante justice type of way. Meanwhile, Mina may have discovered a side effect to the big Roxxon leak. This episode of “Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger” airs Thursday, April 11 (8:00-9:01 p.m. EDT) on Freeform. (Marvel/Alfonso Bresciani)

We haven’t even begun to scratch the surface on what’s gearing up to be the Big Bad of this season. While it’s easier to put a name to a Big Bad, it’s even more difficult when that Big Bad is a lot of moving pieces, which is exactly what this sex traffiking scheme sounds like it is. Surely, there’s someone pulling the strings on this whole operation, but the mystery of what the hell is actually going on here is terrifying.
During Tandy and Mayhem’s time down the rabbit hole of the Cloak, they caught a hint as to how these people think when it comes to kidnapping girls. They go for the ones that no one will miss, which makes it even more sad than it already is, because there are clearly people that care about these girls. But, as we saw in the previous episodes, these girls that are being taken aren’t exactly white girls that would garner significant attention should they go missing.
Not to mention this storyline will bring to question the morality of these characters and what is needed to save these missing girls. Tandy has already shown that she can see from Mayhem’s POV — how sometimes you have to get dirty to get to the truth. If that’s what it takes to save these girls, then why shouldn’t they? I feel like it’s going to introduce a paralleling dynamic between Tyrone and Tandy as they stand on opposite sides of that morality line. But they’ll have to work together to find that common ground.

Cloak & Dagger airs Thursdays at 8/7c on Freeform.

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