‘Katy Keene’ Chapter Ten Review: Gloria

Katy Keene was back with a new episode this week, one titled ‘Gloria’. I won’t say the whole episode was boring, because there were moments I did enjoy. However, I did fast forward through some of it. I don’t feel one iota of guilt.


Katy Keene Gloria

Gloria was certainly a big part of this week’s episode. I was a little stunned to see that someone accused her of making her staff have sex with clients. That was a definite moment of remembrance for me. Gloria has had some unsavory and unethical moments. Just never at that level.


I’m curious to see how this storyline with Lacy’s son and potentially Katy’s mom plays out. There is the definite implication that he could be Katy’s father, which would make her the Lacy’s heir. I wonder if Gloria knows? That will be interesting.


Katy is stealing all my Gaty moments from me, and I am not happy. I get not wanting to get involved with your boss and all. But, they have such great chemistry! They have the potential to have a real relationship. I will keep my Gaty dreams alive. I believe in them.


Katy Keene gloria

Karma is coming for Josie, Pepper and Jorge this episode. Josie finally realized she was being way selfish with her band. They had every right to voice their opinions that they should have an equal share of the spotlight. Karma came in the form of Alex. While this sort is undeserved I hope it brings some lessons to Josie.

Pepper. I love you but sometimes you really need to stop while you are ahead. I think its great that she wants to help her friends but that doesn’t mean that she gets to treat others like shit. Her ex is giving her a taste of her own medicine and it’s not going to be a pretty outcome.


That just leaves us with Jorge. Jorge I know you wanted the best of both worlds at having a relationship with both men that you care about. However, in getting hurt you in turn hurt Bernardo. You only have yourself to blame for this mess. You should know if you have reservations you shouldn’t go through with your plans.

I hope next weeks episode of Katy Keene is more entertaining to me than ‘Gloria’ was. I feel like half the episodes this season have been hit and miss. What do you think?

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Katy Keene airs Thursdays on the CW at 8/7c.

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