‘After We Collided’ Movie News: See The Official Trailer Release Date And More.

Everytime I think the After team can’t surprise us anymore, they prove me wrong.  Over the past several days we have been blessed with tons and tons of After We Collided movie content, and it just keeps getting better and better. 

Ever since the teaser trailer was released in February, fans including myself, have been dying to see the official one and our wish has been granted.  Earlier this week, the After team quietly and subtly posted a number four with a countdown clock attached in their Instagram stories to inform us that the official trailer would be coming next Monday. 

It didn’t stop there.

The After team is known for giving us some heart stopping surprises and this one we just received is no different.  In a new video posted on the After Instagram account, we got a sneak peek of the trailer that includes the first single from the soundtrack, “We Belong” by Dove Cameron.  You can Listen to the full track here.

There was SOOOOOO much good, no GREAT stuff in this clip, and that was just 15 seconds. If the clip is any indication, we are not going to be ready on Monday for what we’re about to see.

In addition to this sneak peek, the After team released the first on set interview between After We Collided author Anna Todd and Hero Fiennes Tiffin done by los40.com.

After Collided movie content week has begun and I am more than ready for all the things!

Are you excited about all the new After We Collided content we’ve gotten? How excited are you to see the official trailer? tell us in the comments.

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