4 Scenes We REALLY Want to See in ‘After We Collided’

The cameras have started rolling on the highly anticipating sequel  to the uber popular film adaptation of After. The New York Times bestselling series that gripped a generation has been brought to the bring screen, opening the world of Tessa and Hardin to an entirely new demographic. Fans waited (im)patiently for years, scrambling for every little hint of information on their favorite series finally coming to life.

In April this year, we finally saw the rewards for the wait. The film, featuring Hero Finnes-Tiffin as Hardin and Josephine Langford as Tessa, hit number one at the box office worldwide, and introduced the After world to viewers in a completely different way.

After We Collided (AWC) is officially under way, with the stars reprising their roles (YAY), and we can’t wait for the final product. Carrying on the tale of Hardin and Tessa also means new characters (F*cking Trevor, anyone?), new drama, and even more heat. We’re already over the moon to have Cruel Intentions director Robert Kumble and Disney alum Dylan Sprouse stepping into the role of everyone’s favorite nice guy Trevor.

But before that, we want to point out a few ‘must haves’ when it comes to bringing this second story to life.

1. Bring on F*cking Trevor

We’ve been dying to see this particular character on the screen, and to have Dylan Sprouse taking on the role is exciting as all heck! As you may remember, Sprouse was one of our picks for possible Trevor’s in a past article, so we were tickled pink to see that he would be sparring against Hero (aka Hardin) for Tessa’s affection. There are plenty of scenes in which we can’t wait to see play out on screen, but basically anything that shows him facing off against Hardin is tops in our list. But more so, personally, I am looking forward to the more gentle scenes, showing Tessa another option that the tumultuous relationship she knows. Particularly, their drives to work as Tessa and Trevor both are staying in a motel (coincidentally). Their commonalities, gentle banter and Trevor’s inclination to support Tessa through all her choices (good and bad) makes him even more the perfect addition to a skewed love triangle.

2. Truth or Dare: Tessa Kicks Mollys Ass

FINALLY! As much as we cringed through the fight on the page, and the entire taunting lead up with Tessa at the helm, we loved every damn second of nasty Molly being put in her place. She was too used to Tessa being the sweet, innocent victim to her vitriol, and finally Tessa had enough. So yes, as much as we aren’t fans of violence and the like, this particular cat fight is a scene I think we all want to see play out on the screen!

3. Hardin in London

This particular part of the story allows for a little separation between the two characters, which by this point is much needed. But more so, thanks to the dual POV of the books, we were given an insight into Hardin’s mind and what guides him to make the choices he does. While we still may not agree with those choices, it does help to see that he truly is remorseful for his actions towards Tessa’s destruction. It is heart wrenching, especially when matched with the tenderness of his relationship with his mother, and shows you a completely different side of the moody, broody character. If there is any way that this kind of scene can be portrayed with the same emotional impact, we are all for it!

4. Landon vs Hardin

Okay, this particular scene has been a long time coming, and we are here for it. Landon, our fav mild mannered, happy go lucky sidekick finally reaches his limit after Tessa and Hardin have yet another blow out (this time over Hardin sleeping over at a female friends home after a night of drinking…innocent sleeping, no hanky panky). Feeding off Tessa’s hurt and anger, Landon slams Hardin against the wall while slinging accusations. Needless to say, Hardin is more than a little surprised at the action, since Landon is more of a lover than a fighter. But dont be fooled, because he stands up for what he cares about! This particular scene we love because it not only shows Hardin being reminded he isn’t all bad ass and above it all, but also gives the two boys a chance to talk about Tessa and come to an understanding of how Hardin truly feels. It is a multilayered scene that I would love to see play out on the screen.

These are just a few of the many, many, MANY scenes we think should be fit into the film. But if we had our way, it would be 6 hours long! What are some must-sees for you when After We Collided hits our screens? Let us know in the comments!

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