Milo Ventimiglia Weighs In On Who Rory Gilmore Should Have Ended Up With

I don’t like to say that Milo Ventimiglia is wrong, but I call it like I see it. Also, we have been outspoken to everyone on this certain subject.

Who should Rory Gilmore have ended up with?

You may recall the roundtable we did on the subject. I am firmly Team Logan, and that will not change. But when Ventimiglia was asked about who Rory should have ended up with, he’s got an opinion too. Jess? Dean? Logan?

One would think that he would have voted for the character that he played. In a recent interview with Buzzfeed, the actor answered the question on who he thinks she should have ended up with.

“None of the above,” Milo answered. “They’re from the past. Rory needs to move on, forever, in life!”

I mean, I respect his opinion, but I think he’s wrong. Team Logan forever.

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