From the original show to the revival on Netflix, Emily Gilmore was always straight up savage. So, let’s go over the top seven moments when Emily Gilmore was the most savage, because why not! Starting with … Emily condescends to Luke When Lorelai and Luke finally start dating Emily takesRead More →

The question has been going around for a while. What’s the perfect episode of TV, or at least, what’s your perfect episode? And – of course, it’s impossible to agree on such a thing. We haven’t all watched the same shows, and we don’t appreciate the ones we’ve watched theRead More →

To ship or not to ship. That’s a debate we’ve had for many years, about many shows, many couples. And even though we here at Fangirlish agree on many things, we don’t agree on everything, and one of the things we don’t always agree on is ships. Especially when weRead More →

Unpopular opinion – I like Rory Gilmore. I didn’t mind her relationship with Logan, her attitude, her woah is me attitude, and I didn’t even mind the fact that she couldn’t remember her boyfriend.  Maybe that’s because I have just always loved her. But I didn’t like the way thatRead More →

The Gilmore Girls ran for seven seasons and revealed a world of banter, coffee, and the crazy yet loveable, Stars Hollow residents that have lingered since the show aired its last episode. Rory and Lorelai were part of our worlds and our hearts, but that final seven season wasn’t nearlyRead More →

After sobbing through Richard’s funeral in Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life’s “Winter,” “Spring” is one of the more uplifting portions of the revival. While this episode deals with Lorelai and Emily continuing to work through their issues and Rory struggling to find herself, it’s essentially a love letterRead More →

As we kick off the final month of 2016, it’s time to look back at all the things TV shows, movies and books gave us. Entertainment soared in 2016 and it’s time to give a shout out to some of our favorites! TV changed a lot this year. Between sayingRead More →

I grew up in a world of magic. A world where female characters are strong and brave, true love exists and the possibilities are endless. Most children grow up wanting to play a sport or play an instrument or a write book, I grew up wanting to be on TV.Read More →

It’s that time of year again! The great summer binge-watch is upon us! This time of year is when TV shows have ended their seasons, weekly episodes slow down and fans have entered the most feared time of year: Hiatus. “Hellatus” has begun and it’s going to be a longRead More →

From watching a TV show live to binge-watching, fans consume television in so many different ways. Binge-watching seems to be a lot of people’s go to choice. Not having to wait week after week for an episode is a dream for most. Sitting in front of the couch for hoursRead More →

Happy Thursday people! TV Line announced this morning that Jared Padalecki, who played Dean in the Gilmore Girls and currently stars in Supernatural, has signed on for the revival. He joins Rory’s two other ex’s who have signed on – Matt Czuchry’s Logan and Milo Ventimiglia’s Jess. Dean, who IRead More →

We officially are so excited that we can barely hold back. We’ve wondered who is coming back to Gilmore Girls – and one just confirmed his return. What a great time to get back on set with some friends. #JessIsBack @warnerbrostv @netflix. MV — Milo Ventimiglia (@MiloVentimiglia) February 10,Read More →

It’s time to dust off our coffee mugs and head back to Stars Hollow, because Netflix has confirmed that they are reviving the much-loved series, Gilmore Girls. OY with the poodles, already! See you on set, Amy Sherman-Palladino, @thelaurengraham @alexisbledel. #GilmoreGirls — Netflix US (@netflix) January 29, 2016 OriginalRead More →