5 Friendships From TV And Movies That Are Toxic AF

Friendships are the hardest relationships in the world. Everyone is a different type of friend, everyone needs a variety of friends in their life. But let’s be honest – some friendships are toxic.

I think we all have friends in our lives that we question. We’ve all been living through quarantine and we’ve tarted to reevaluate the people in our lives.


Who has been there for us? Who hasn’t been around? Who has checked in? Who hasn’t?

It’s personally made me think about all the friends that I have in my life and the ones that I see on television and movies. It’s made me see that a lot of the ones we see are toxic as fuck.


Blair isn’t perfect and frankly she’s quite manipulative. Serena cheats and lies all of the time. I mean, the show literally started out with us learning that Serena made out with Blair’s boyfriend, Nate, and that’s why she disappeared.

Blair and Serena were in a constant circle of secrets and lies. It wasn’t healthy. It was toxic. The two didn’t know how to be friends without lying. They were always trying to outdo each other and that meant hurting each other.

The two consistently pushed each other to the brink and were so dependent on the toxicity of their relationship, they kept bouncing back to it.

Their friendship should have never continued.


Well, let’s just say it – Rory was problematic on her own and Paris was problematic on her own. They were both in constant competition with each other. Paris felt threatened by Rory. Rory seemed annoyed by Paris half the time. They barely hung out, they fought all the time. At Chilton, from the moment Rory set foot on campus, Paris decided to make things hard for Paris.

These two are just a hot mess. Paris is always angry at Rory instead of celebrating her success. She’s jealous of Rory, and everything turns into a competition. She treats Rory like an employee, rather than a friend.

These two are just a hot mess and should have cut the ties way back in high school. The competition was a hot fucking mess, and toxic for both of them.


Before you say anything, hear me out. Rachel was a bad friend.

Yes, I said it. BAD FRIEND. Look, I loved Rachel, but besides her discount at Bloomingdales or Ralph Lauren there wasn’t much she gave Monica. Rachel used Monica for a place to live, to unload all of her drama, and was so wrapped up in her own life that she barely ever saw what was happening with Monica

Rachel is the quintessential narcissist.


Rachel was so absorbed with her self and what she was going through that she didn’t ever really put effort into anything else. Everyone gave Rachel their time and energy, putting her ahead of themselves, but Rachel didn’t do that for anyone.

Especially Monica.


So you find out your best friend is a Princess, well there are a lot of things that come to mind. Me, personally, I’d be like where is my introduction to a Prince, cause a bitch needs to marry up. Yet I would keep that in my head, because my best friend would be going through a lot of shit.

But for Lily it was the moment to make sure her show did better. She got mad at Mia when she wasn’t there for her.

Now, Mia isn’t perfect. She does fail her friend. But where I will cut her some slack is that she was having a major life moment where everything in her life was a lie.

But Lily just wasn’t supportive, because it wasn’t about her. And that was a lot of bad friendship moments.


Hear me out. I know that you some of you are huge Greys fans and I can respect that. That being said I will die on the hill that Meredith was a shitty friend. Then again, Alex was too.

Meredith has a talent – she is able to turn everything into a negative moment or it all be about her. But these two just didn’t know how to be good to each other, even when they were being good to each other.

Alex patronized her. She attacked Alex. They didn’t talk about anything deep that needed to matter, that had affected their lives. They weren’t there for each other in the most heart wrenching of times (she shoulda been there when his Dad died).

Their shit was always competition, selfish, and toxic. They kept each others secrets only when it benefited themselves. Both of them worried about their career first and though that wouldn’t be a bad thing, it is when you interfere with another’s work and future.

These two weren’t the realest of friends and their friendship was manipulation city.

What friendships do you think are toxic? What friendships are healthy?

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