21 Of Our Favorite Fan Reactions to Gilmore Girls Last Four Words

Those last four words. We don’t know if you have watched Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life yet, so we won’t put them here – but OMG those last four words.

The Gilmore Girls revival was supposed to give us closure, but it gave us anxiety. We are in desperate need of more. We weren’t the ones who felt a little disappointed, stressed, and like “WTF.” Here’s some of our favorite fan reactions to those final four words.

1 – The fan in disbelief.



2 – The person who thought they heard them wrong.



3 – The person pissed at Amy Sherman-Palladino.



4 – The person who feels like their heart was played with.



5 – The person that didn’t want them.



6 – The person left damaged by them.



7 – The person happy with those final four words.



8 – The person that seems ready to write fan fic from them.



9 – The person who just says it’s done.


10 – The person who was disappointed.



11 – The person who was in shock.



12 – The person who resorted to shouty caps.



13 – The person who needed a taco.



14 – The person who needed contract negotiations immediately.



15 – The person who used Gilmore Girls own words against them.



16 – The person who summed it up perfectly.



17 – The person who was Gilmored.



18 – The person who had a heart attack.



19 – The person in need of a support group.



20 – The person who was in shock.


21 – The person that spoke for a large majority of us.


What did you think of those final four words?

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