10 Reasons Why Chicago P.D.’s Linstead is the Ultimate Power Couple

When it comes to Chicago P.D., one of the key elements that drives the show’s success are the character dynamics that are spread throughout the series. When it comes to power couples on television, one that makes it look so damn easy and so damn hot is Chicago P.D.’s Jay Halstead and Erin Lindsay.
Linstead are partners both in their professional line of work, as well as their personal lives. It’s such a beautiful balance how that trusting foundation carries over between work and home life. Not only are they so damn attractive, but Halstead and Lindsay are goals. Ultimate goals.
Here are 10 reasons why Linstead is the ultimate power couple:

1. They Make One Hell of a Team

Given that Halstead and Lindsay are partners, there’s no denying that they work effectively as a pair. But it’s more than that. These two are even stronger together. They know each other’s every anticipated move, every thought, and they’re so in sync with one another that you’ve got a problem when these two come knocking. They’re the epitome of “stronger together.”

2. They’re Badasses

Both Halstead and Lindsay are detectives for the Chicago Police Department, which in it of itself makes them badasses. The tough Chicago streets have roughed up many, but Halstead and Lindsay have held their own over the years. While they’re the ultimate pair together, they are badasses individually. You don’t want to mess with either of them even on a good day. They can take you down even with a single look. Also, they mean business in sunglasses.

3. They Support Each Other

The sign of any healthy and functioning relationship rests with each other’s best interests at heart. Being a partner in a relationship means looking at someone else’s well-being before your own. It also sometimes means not getting what you want, but it doesn’t matter because it’s what’s best for them. Jay and Erin have never let jealously of professional success get in the way of their relationship. In fact, it’s never been anything but second nature for them to support and congratulate each other when successes come their way.

4. They’re Hot as Hell

If God were to create the most attractive couple in existence he’d definitely turn to Linstead for some inspiration. While I can certainly appreciate the substance of Linstead’s relationship, I can also appreciate just how hot these two characters are, which makes them even hotter as a couple. They are perfection. Like dear lord. Just look at them. (Excuse me while I fan myself.)

5. They Love Each Other

Simple as that. There’s no question that these two have had sizzling chemistry from the start, but over the years that chemistry has grown into something so much more. There’s a genuine love and connection between Jay and Erin. It’s never been something that they’ve had to question, which was evident when they both spoke those three words to each other earlier this season. They love each other. And that’s a fact.

6. They’re Each Others Back-Up

Regardless of the circumstances one thing is written in the stars: Halstead and Lindsay will always be each others back-up. If there’s one person they want to have their backs it’s each other. There’s such a deep bond between the two of them that really shines through in their allegiance to each other. They’re willing to kill for one another. In fact, they have killed for each other. When the other is in immediate danger there is literally no hesitation when it comes to ensuring the others safety

7. Their Chemistry is FIRE

There are a ton of couples on television, but most of them don’t have half the chemistry that Jay and Erin have. Most of that has to do with Sophia Bush and Jesse Lee Soffer and that natural rapport that makes this relationship seem so honest and real. Whether it’s a single look or a touch or unspoken words or a sizzling kiss, I can feel their chemistry burning through my television. Anytime these two are onscreen there are literal sparks and heart eyes flying. I could literally stare at gifs of these two all day.

8. They’re Always There to Comfort Each Other

When it comes to being partners one of the most beautiful things with Linstead is just how much they care for each other. Halstead and Lindsay have shown on countless occasions how much of a support system they are for the other. Whether it’s supporting each other when successes come their way or being a shoulder to lean on in tough times, Linstead have always and will always support each other – even when they weren’t romantically involved.

9. They’re Flirty as Hell

Dear lord do these two know how to make me swoon with their flirtatious ways. They don’t even try to hide it, even earlier on when they weren’t allowed to date because they worked together. Even when these two aren’t together they’re flirting like they don’t care who sees. Whether they’re flirting like teenagers or like an old married couple, Linstead showcases their sizzling chemistry week after week while also leaving our poor shipper hearts racing.

10. They’re Partners in Every Aspect of Their Lives

One of the cornerstones of Linstead’s relationship is the trusting foundation they’ve cultivated over the past three and a half seasons. Halstead and Lindsay are partners both in work and in their personal lives. They always have each other’s backs regardless of the circumstance. Perhaps the most important element of a solid partnership is that trusting foundation, and Linstead have more than capitalized on that. They would literally put each other’s lives in their hands, whether that’s out in the field or at home.
Chicago P.D. returns with new episodes on Jan. 4 at 10/9c on NBC.

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