Our hearts are breaking at this latest piece of casting news that involves a Chicago P.D. fan-favorite departing the series. After four seasons of bringing the iconic Detective Erin Lindsay to life, Sophia Bush has officially exited Chicago P.D., reports Deadline. While Bush will no longer be a season regular,Read More →


Honestly, you’d think that I’d be better prepared for Chicago P.D. season finales. But I so am not. While I thought I was ready for the conclusion to what’s been a sensational fourth season, I most certainly was not. There’s a reason why Chicago P.D. is my favorite show onRead More →

You know that it’s May Sweeps when an episode of Chicago P.D., which consistently shocks and surprises me every week, has me screaming at my television and cursing and questioning the life decisions of these beautiful and flawed characters. Ah, sweet emotion. In Chicago P.D.’s penultimate hour of season 4,Read More →

When it comes to being a police officer on television, it’s something that can sometimes feel over glamorized. Usually it’s all about being cool. Cool job, cool gun, cool ride, cool shades, and a cool attitude. But the truth is, working in law enforcement can be very difficult. And sometimesRead More →

You don’t know chemistry and passion until you meet Chicago P.D.’s Jay Halstead and Erin Lindsay, the dynamic duo that swooped in unexpectedly and has stolen our hearts forever. Linstead have shown us that not only is it possible to have a healthy relationship on television, but that it’s alsoRead More →

On a show like Chicago P.D. where nearly all of its episodes are mind-blowing, there are episodes that really take it to another level. “Last Minute Resistance” was one of those episodes. On the surface this episode appeared to be one that focused on the power of family. And whileRead More →

Chicago P.D. can do it all. It can deliver thrilling cases that leave your head spinning while also touching your heart, making you laugh, and making you feel like someone is pounding on your heart with a hammer. That was “Little Bit of Light” in a nutshell. This week’s ChicagoRead More →

With an episode title like “Remember the Devil,” was there ever any way that this episode was going to end well? The latest episode of Chicago P.D. delivered a thrilling, disturbing case while also managing to break me emotionally as Halstead and Lindsay faced an obstacle in the form ofRead More →

One thing that I’ve learned watching Chicago P.D. is that its fresh storytelling leaves no room for easy answers. Every episode has its own unique case and feel that always feels more intense than your typical procedural. It’s the Chicago P.D. way. Rarely do I find myself surprised by ChicagoRead More →

It’s no secret that Chicago P.D. has been one of those shows that can push the envelope. There are just come cases that are that insane. There are just some revelations that are too crazy to not contemplate to the point where your head is throbbing; to the point whereRead More →

Something that Chicago P.D. has shown us over the years is how close they come to not discovering certain cases that they inevitably solve. Those families that live in the world not knowing what happened to their loved ones. But it’s episodes like “Don’t Read the News” that show usRead More →