Sophia Bush Not Returning to 'Chicago P.D.'

Our hearts are breaking at this latest piece of casting news that involves a Chicago P.D. fan-favorite departing the series.
After four seasons of bringing the iconic Detective Erin Lindsay to life, Sophia Bush has officially exited Chicago P.D., reports Deadline.
While Bush will no longer be a season regular, there’s a chance that she’ll return as a guest star for an arc to wrap up her character’s too-short journey on the show.
When we last left Erin Lindsay, she was contemplating accepting a job offer in New York to work for the FBI while also thinking about the life that she was leaving behind, namely her ex-boyfriend Jay Halstead, who was ready to propose.
We never got to see her decision — that was left as our cliffhanger to be resolved in the new season. But it’s pretty much guaranteed that Lindsay will be accepting that job offer in New York City, after all.
We’re not going to lie. We’re absolutely devastated about Bush’s departure from the show. She was the reason that us Chicago P.D. fans at Fangirlish decided to start watching the show in the first place. Not to mention, Bush’s character Lindsay is one half of an iconic ship, Linstead, whose life was cut too short.
Bush has made Chicago P.D. what it has become. Things just won’t be the same without Erin Lindsay and Sophia Bush.
Chicago P.D. returns for season 5 on Wednesdays this fall on NBC.


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