The ABC’s of Ships: Klaroline Edition

You know us, we’re about the ship. We need our favorite ships to work out. It’s important to us. But so many ships are conflicting. So many of them we don’t know what to say about, because our heart is all over the place.

Not the case when it comes to one of our favorite ships – Klaroline. Let’s talk the ABC’s of Klaroline.

A is for Always and Forever

It’s the Mikaelson family motto, but it’s part of what makes us know that Klaus isn’t giving up. When he talks about Always and Forever, it’s for so much in his life – even if he doesn’t see it. The man is loyal to a fault and that’s not a bad thing. It’s part of what makes us love him more. They are meant for always and forever.

B is for Balls

Who can forget the Mikaelson Family Ball. We all know that the Mikaelson’s love to throw a party and they are pretty damn good at it. But though Klaus liked Caroline before the ball, he fell for her there. Her brutal honesty – which she always seems to have with him, is part of what makes these two great.

C is for Confessions

Karoline is amazing, but she’s very guarded. When Caroline admits that she wants Klaus as much as he wants her, in exchange for him leaving? OMG. Like there was every part of my heart that was breaking and screaming at her to not let him go.

D is for Drawings

We all know that Klaus is an artist and he’s a damn good one. We’ve seen his art and his paintings and we’ve wondered how we can buy one for our own home. But though we love all of his art, one of our favorites was the drawing he did of Caroline. It was so intimate. So loving. God, that man is a mystery, but that’s an okay thing.

E is for Emotional Investment

There has never been a moment where these two don’t entertain you. The keep you captivated. They keep you staring at the screen, because you are emotionally invested in them. You love them. You want to know every move that they make. You can’t look away…

F is for Fearless and Fearful

It’s always amazing to us, how you can be fearless and so fearful at the same time. Klaus and Caroline get life. They know what they want out of life, they know what comes first to them and what they are willing to sacrifice. But probably the most beautiful thing about them is that they always find a way through and they are willing to do whatever it takes.

G is for Graduation

We’ll just leave this right here.

H is for Hesitant

There is a lot of baggage with these two and we’ll be the first to say that is sometimes a really hard thing. Caroline is hesitant to be with Klaus because of how evil he is. BUT – that’s ok. The hesitation, not the evil part. Caroline showed us that it was okay to take it slow, to take it easy, to live in the moment. Hesitation is part of the slow burn and I am here for that.

I is for Invincible

There are many things that have fallen at the feet of Caroline and Klaus – things that would tear anyone else down. But for these two, it’s taught them how to live. It’s taught them that there is always something worth fighting for. Even in the moments where they could have given up, when they could have just let go, they keep fighting.

J is for Jealousy

Klaus, Klaus, Klaus. Can we admit that were jealous of Tyler? I mean we know he was. He’s love Caroline even when he didn’t know that he did. So I wasn’t shocked when he forced Tyler out of Mystic Falls and made sure that he wouldn’t come back. It was his chance to have some time with Caroline without anyone else.

I may not agree with his methods, but I loved seeing him fawn over her.

K is for Kissing

I mean who doesn’t love some good kissing. We know we do. Especially when it’s from the ships that we love. And we love Klaroline.

But that scene when they have some hot vamp sex… HOLY FUCK.

L is for Lust

Please see above.

M is for Mystic Falls

I always think that Mystic Falls looks like the ideal place to be, but if you have watched The Vampire Diaries, you know that shit is complicated. BUT – it’s home. It’s the place that we all know and love. It’s the place that we all feel comfortable at. It’s the place where Klaus and Caroline fell in love. It’s the place where their journey began. We love Mystic Falls for all the ships that it has given us – especially this one.

N is for Needing Each Other

We’re all for stubborness – cause hey, we’re stubborn. But these two take the cake. But what warms our heart about them is that they know that they need each other and when they do – when it all comes down to it, they are there for each other. When the series finale of The Vampire Diaries came, hey – I wasn’t hanging on to hope. But when that letter and that donation came, I knew that when push came to shove, we’d always see this ship pull through.

O is for Obsession

I have to admit, this is more about me than about them. I am obsessed. I believe in these two so much that I am obsessed with their every move. But I am not mad about it. Like totally not mad that they have been with other people. Would think it weird if not. But I believe they will find their way back.

P is for Phone Calls

I guess that everyone is just a phone call away, but that doesn’t mean that we always pick up the phone. But when Caroline and Klaus do – it’s an important moment for them. Whatever they are talking about, whatever they need to do – their voices reassure each other. When they had that phone call about parenting? Oy. Guys – I just wished that they could have a child.

Q is for Quarrelsome

Everyone fights. Say you don’t and I won’t be meaning to insult you, but I will tell you that you are lying. Having arguments – Quarreling – it’s all a part of nature. But when these two fight, I am ready for the making up at the other end. Because even when they argue, they know that they are going to be there for each other. They know that their relationship – in whatever form it is – is always and forever.

R is for Ready, Sometimes Willing, and Always Able

Caroline and Klaus are always ready for anything, even when they are not prepared, they are ready to take it on, whatever it is. Sometimes though they aren’t always willing. It reverts back to their stubbornness. Neither one wants to be the one to concede. But they are always able to when push comes to shove, because they are SOUL MATES. (And yes, we believe that they still have a soul).

S is for Similarities

Remember when Caroline admitted that she liked being a vampire? Yes… that was just one of many similarities that those two have. They are both smart, rambunctious, focused on family, and most of all – THEY ARE ALIVE. What do I mean? They live each day to the fullest, no matter what happens. It reminds us all to do the same.

T is for Teasing Flirtatiously

Remember when Klaus teased Caroline over her speech?

Can we talk about how these two flirt? Cause it’s absolutely amazing. It gets me every time. The way he looks at her and his eyes are filled with love and lust. That smirk that gets me every time. The way that Caroline can’t stop laughing and it’s the kind of love that you see alive in her eyes. They even flirt in their moments of anger. Their moments of pain. It’s just perfection.

U is for Undying Loyalty

One of the most frustrating things in the world about people is a lack of loyalty. Loyalty says who you are as a person. Loyalty says what you must overcome and what you must become. It tells you the end of the road. Because thats where you need to get to be there for the persons that matter. These two – yes, they totally have their issues, but at the end of it – there is a loyalty. A knowledge that they will get where they need to be and conquer anything for each other.

V is for Vampire

This one is obvious. They are both vampires. They both like being that way. It’s part of what makes them unique and what makes them special. Sure they like to drink blood, but it doesn’t define all of  them. At least in my eyes. What defines them is their integrity, humanity, and hearts. Being a vampire is just a part of them.

W is for Waiting Patiently

I mean I would like to say that I am waiting patiently, but I am not. I am just waiting. Waiting for the day that I get what I want. What’s what? My ship. But I think if we refer back to graduation – we know that Klaus is waiting patiently for her.

X is for X’s and O’s

Hugs and Kisses. We love every moment. Every single moment that they are together. Every single moment that they are in each others presence. Every moment that they show their love and lust is beautiful.

Y is for Yearning for Them To Be Together

There aren’t a lot of ships that we’re willing to continuously hold out for, but Klaroline – we’re about it. We need the happy ending here.

Z is for Zero Chill.

Cause this fandom has zero chill and we’re okay with it. We need them together.

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