If you are like us, fandom is a big part of your life. It’s a complicated beast, because even though you are a part of fandom – there is no one side to fandom. Studios once utilized fandom on a different level. They have become somewhat complacent with marketing andRead More →


You know that we are always down for a good ship. One that we’ve been falling hard for is Nic and Conrad on The Resident. They aren’t like any other, at least to us. Let’s break down the ABCS of one of our new favorite ships. A is for AmbitionRead More →

Looking back at Arrow’s first season, it was a show I enjoyed but always felt there was something missing. Something that made me care. Something that made me care if I missed an episode. Something that made me care if something happened to these characters. But Original Team Arrow changedRead More →

We’ve long been fans of Cassie Clare’s books. Her books have changed our lives. One of our favorite ships is Malec. A complicated couple with so much love to give and we can’t get enough of them. So this weeks ABCS of Ships is dedicated to one of the mostRead More →

Betty and Jughead, better known as Bughead on The CW’s Riverdale, are a couple like no other. At first glance it seems like this ship is full of tropes. The boy from the bad side of town falls of with the good girl and the parents disapprove. But once youRead More →

You know us, we’re about the ship. We need our favorite ships to work out. It’s important to us. But so many ships are conflicting. So many of them we don’t know what to say about, because our heart is all over the place. Not the case when it comesRead More →

Every good story needs a romance. No matter if it’s action, mystery, or a drama, romance is part of the human condition. We crave it. We write fiction about it, create art for it, and form communities around it. Zombie dramas are no exception and that’s where The Walking Dead‘sRead More →

Sometimes it’s the surprises you don’t see coming that end up being the most satisfying. That couldn’t be more true in the case of Arrow’s Oliver and Felicity, whose instant chemistry catapulted them into a romance of epic proportions. While things haven’t been particularly smooth for Olicity over the pastRead More →