‘The Resident’: The ABCS of Conic

You know that we are always down for a good ship. One that we’ve been falling hard for is Nic and Conrad on The Resident. They aren’t like any other, at least to us. Let’s break down the ABCS of one of our new favorite ships.

A is for Ambition

We can admire people with ambition. Hell we hope that people have it. It’s important in life. Nic and Conrad are filled with ambition and a want for more out of life. But even as they want to grow and even as they want to advance – the most important thing for them is that they save others. They are filled with heart and hope, which is a driving force behind their ambition.

B is for Boldness

Sometimes it takes breaking the rules to make the rules and these two do just that. They don’t cower and even if others don’t see the logic behind their choices, they will not give up. They know that it takes living their lives with no fear in order make a change. And the change that they want is not always for themselves. It’s for others.

C is for Courage

Sometimes all it takes is a quick moment of intense courage in order to move forward. With Conrad and Nic they live their lives with the intense courage. The moving forward isn’t always for them. It’s also for their patients. They live their lives filled with courage, and if they don’t have courage, they fake the shit out of it. People need to believe that they have it in order for them to trust them.

D is for Determination

We’ve never met two people with as much determination to save their patients. They don’t stop. They don’t back down. They don’t say they can’t. They are determined to always find a way to say that they can. They are determined to save people. They are determined to be there for those that put their faith in them. And they are determined to never loose faith in each other.

E is for Ego

These two have no ego – at least when it comes to each other. Setting that aside to be there for each other. To love each other – even if they don’t see it.

F is for Friendship

The best kind of love is built off on friendship and these two have a deep love. An unconditional love. Who can deny that? We love seeing the way that these two don’t let a failed relationship get in the way of their friendship. They want to make sure that they put that first. And we think that their friendship is admirable. It sets a solid foundation for their love.

G is for Gain

As we all move forward in life, we all hope to gain things. But with these two – when they are around each other their only hope is that they gain footing with each other. They hope that they gain each others respect, love, and that they maintain their commitment to each other. Broken up or not – it’s there.

H is for Heart

The heart wants what it wants and their hearts want each other. We’re hoping that we learn more about their past and why they are no longer together, but we also hope that they find a way to admit that they will forever be in each others hearts.

When we see the way that Conrad looks at Nic and we know that his heart is filled with a never wavering love and devotion.

I is for Intern

The interns at the hospital are a handful, but it’s them being that way that keeps Nic and Conrad on their toes. We’re about anything that gets these two together.

J is for Justice

Justice. We need justice for their love. We need these two to be able to find their way together. But judging by what is coming up this season, we have no doubt that it’s happening. Nic being set up – we have no doubt that Conrad is going to find a way to get her set free. He will find justice for the only person that means something to him.

K is for Kindness

Don’t know about you but even though kindness is free, it’s hard to give. Especially when you’ve had your heart broken by someone. But these two they give kindness to each other all the time. No matter what happens, no matter what goes right or wrong – these two give each other kindness. They give each other the understanding that comes with kindness. They don’t let drama tear apart their heart and leave it with cruelness to each other.

L is for Love

These two love each other. These two may not know how much and how deeply, but they love each other. It’s in every look, every glance, every touch. These two are putting us through a slow burn and I can respect that. BUT – their love – it’s the kind of love that you want for yourself. It’s the love that you want to live.

M is for Moments

We think that some of the best things in life are moments. It’s actually all about the moments. When it comes to these two – the moments are what matters. The way that they look at each other, the way that they walk past each other and the electricity lights up the room, the way that without them knowing their lives revolve around each other. It’s  the moments on this show we live for.

N is for Nothing Else Matters

Commitment is hard. Hell, a lot of people have a phobia of it for a reason. But with these two – nothing else matters but them. I know, I know – their patients matter. BUT when it comes down to it, if everything else was taken away, NOTHING ELSE MATTERS. They would be okay as long as they have each other.

O is for Optimism

These two believe in the best of people. They don’t want to think the worst, but they know that the worst is out there. So even when the worst takes its toll on them, even when their heart becomes too much to handle – these two have optimism and believe in each other.

P is for Persistence

Sometimes we all feel like giving up. Sometimes love is too damn hard. Sometimes life is too damn hard. But these two don’t care how hard things get. They don’t care what it takes- they are never going to give up. They are going to keep going until they get justice, until they get everything that they need for their patients. When the going gets tough, these two persist.

Q is for Quaint

Sometimes the best kind of love is the kind that is simple and old fashioned. It may not seem like that is the kind of love that CONIC shares, but it is at it’s core. It’s that love that doesn’t back down, that love that doesn’t end…

Even when it does for a moment in time.

R is for Ring

We all have things that are in our lives that mean something to us. Things that are handed down to us. But finding out that Conrad gave Nic his mothers ring, that she still wears it and that he didn’t want it back. There are no words for that moment. The moment where he said that he didn’t want it back because she earned it. Maybe it’s that he wanted her to keep a part of him. Either way… that ring gave us hope.

S is for Secrets

Everyone has secrets and we accept that. But the secrets that others keep around Conrad and Nic – they are determined to solve them. Sure, they have their own secrets, but their secrets don’t destroy their relationship with each other. If anything it enhances their relationship with each other. The secrets that they try to break, try to uncover, try to bring to light… it’s amazing how they don’t let them diminish their relationship. They instead give them strength.

T is for Time

Time is fleeting. It’s always changing. But with these two – time is essential. Time is part of who they are. Their time together, their time apart, and the time it will take them to get back together. But time strengthens their friendship, their bond, and their love. Time is what they give their patients. Time is what they give the world around them. BUT time is also what leads them back to each other.

U is for Uniqueness

What we love about Conic is that they are unique. They are different. At least they are to us. They aren’t a love triangle. Sure, they have other relationships, but the long and short of it is that their love is unique for television. They are going to struggle to get together. They are going to have to work for it.

We’re here for this slow burn.

V is for Vision

You know – sometimes we’re so blinded by the immediate, we don’t always see the big picture. BUT – here, we do see one thing. Conrad has a vision for their future and so does Nic. They may not overlap right now, but their separate visions will lead them to the point where their visions are one in the same. That’s something we’re going to wait for. We’re in it for the long haul.

X is for XOXO

Because their love is a love so sweet.

Y is for You Never Know

You never know what is going to happen here and we accept that’s the way it is with TV. We don’t know what is going to happen with these two and we accept that. Hell, the previews alone keep us on our toes. But it’s that sense of adventure, that lust for life, that keeps us tuning in. We don’t know what is going to happen, but we do know its that sense of not knowing that keeps us tuning in.

Z is for Zest

When life is crazy, when it’s overwhelming, when it’s all too much… most have a tendency to just give up. But Nic and Conrad keep a zest for life and for each other.

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