‘The Walking Dead’: The ABC’s of Richonne

Every good story needs a romance. No matter if it’s action, mystery, or a drama, romance is part of the human condition. We crave it. We write fiction about it, create art for it, and form communities around it.

Zombie dramas are no exception and that’s where The Walking Dead‘s Richonne (Rick Grimes & Michonne) comes in. This couple rose from the ashes of loss, depression, and a devastated world to become one of the strongest and healthiest relationships on TV.

In celebration of Richonne, and to hold you off until they return in the fall, we’ve compiled The ABC’s of Richonne!

A is for Aware

Rick and Michonne are both so aware of how their lives have changed because they’ve met. They’re also aware of how devastated they would be if they lost each other. Because of that, they fight tooth and nail, to make it back into the other’s arms.


B is for Brave

These two aren’t just brave because they face zombies, governors, and crazies out to rule them everyday of the week. They’re brave because they keep living, loving, and learning despite all of that. They remain true to themselves and the bond they share.

C is for Confident

Rick isn’t even worried that Michonne is about to take on a bunch of walkers. He’s confident that she can take on the world and survive and Michonne believes the same thing. It’s the reason they’ve survived so long. They have absolute faith in each other’s abilities.


D is for Devoted

There’s no unnecessary drama floating about between Richonne. No petty jealousies or fights. They’re devoted to each other, their family, and the survival of their community.

E is for Easily Appeased

To Rick and Michonne, driving around at each other’s side is enough for them. They don’t need anything more or anything less because everything that truly matters is inside of this car, their home, and community. It’s enough.


F is for Family

Richonne isn’t just about Rick and Michonne. It’s about Carl and Judith and the little family they’ve become. Together they have found happiness, strength, and the will to survive for the other with out trying to replace what each of them have lost. And if anything were to happen to Rick he would be confident enough in Michonne to take care of his children and keep them alive.


G is for Getting Up Together

There’s nothing more vulnerable and heart eye inducing than watching your OTP have a lazy morning where they joke around and get ready for their day together. These moments are few but momentous displays of the level of comfort they have with one another.


H is for Helpful

In the fight against zombies these two are especially fierce because they help each other with every bullet, axe, or sword they have. The name of the game is survival and there are no arbitrary fights about who’s stronger or more capable. They both are.


I is for Intuitive

Sometimes Richonne knows what the other needs. With a simple look or touch they’re able to feel what the other is struggling with and provide the support needed, whether it be a hug, kiss, or rousing speech meant to get them out of the slump their in.


J is for Jovial

With everything that’s happening around them it’s hard to be friendly, good-humored, or silly. So they save it. They cultivate happiness and share it with those that matter the most, each other and the little family they have in Alexandria.

K is for Kissing

Whether a passionate kiss during a stolen moment or a comforting kiss in the thick of things, Richonne kisses are tender, unforgettable, and a symbol of their devotion and love for each other.


L is for Laughter

Finding laughter at the end of the world is hardest feat imaginable. With hard working, knowing each other, they’ve managed to find laughter in their lives. It’s what will keep them young, thriving, and enjoying as much life as possible.


M is for Marriage

I don’t need a piece of paper or some grand ceremony to tell me that Rick and Michonne are totally married. They have the home, the family, and the commitment to each other. That’s good enough for me. But…if they want to give the fans a wedding…I wouldn’t be opposed to that either.


N is for Noteworthy

Healthy relationships without convoluted problems/conflicts arising are few and far in between on TV. Richonne deserve more recognition for being a couple who fights, works, laughs, and lives together. They know that’s the only way to survive and have bigger problems to deal with.


O is for Overprotective

Sometimes these two are a little bit overprotective of each other. It’s inevitable, really, when you love someone as much as these two do. You want to protect them from the worst things out there and spare them as much pain as possible. It doesn’t happen as often as cliched shows would like you to believe but there are little hints here and there when it comes to overprotective Richonne.

P is for Passionate

Richonne are familiar with each other’s touch and have no problem with taking advantage of the moments where it’s just the two of them. Perfect example is the gif below. Her hands in his hair and his around her waist, only comes from practice and copious stolen moments.


Q is for Quotable

It’s gotten to the point where I can hear a line dropped by Rick and Michonne and recognize it in my daily life. Either The Walking Dead showrunners and writers are doing an amazing job with the dialogue these two are being given or I’m an obsessed fan. Maybe it’s a little of both.

R is for Romance

Damn you Rick Grimes for being a smooth bastard and knowing how to romance Michonne in the middle of a decrepit carnival. Chili and Mac and Cheese by candlelight is definitely going to be the thing now. But seriously, it’s a thing. Here’s a recipe for you to romance your lady or gent with!


S is for Straightforward

In the middle of the zombie apocalypse you need a partner who will give it to you straight. No pussyfooting around or trying to not say the things that need to be said. The moment is now and, like the gif below, Rick won’t spare a moment lying to Michonne. He believes in her and her ability to survive even if she doesn’t think she can live without him.


T is for Teamwork

What’s gonna work in every situation, zombie horde, garbage people attack? Teamwork! What’s gonna work? Teamwork! Time, practice, and complete trust in each other has made Richonne a more effective team and the reason why they survive over and over again.


U is for Ugly Cat

No matter how you feel about the cat Rick gave Michonne…you gotta admit it was absolutely adorable. He knows how she feels for them and probably keeps on the look out for similar trinkets he can bring home to her when he goes out scavenging. It’s worth it for the look on her face when he gives them to her.


V is for Vulnerable

It’s in those quiet moments that you can see how well Richonne work together. Those moments were everything is easy and calm because they are at each other’s side and watching the other’s back. In a world of such turmoil they can be vulnerable with each other.


W is for Wrapped Up in Each Others Arms

You know those moments where your OTP is so perfect and you practically explode because you probably won’t be getting a quiet moment like this before something crazy barges in the room? (Looking at you Jesus.) This is one of those moments and we Richonne shippers cherish them. Especially when their are apples involved.

X is for X’s and O’s

I know what you’re thinking. “But she already did something about kissing!” Well Richonne deserve that and more when it comes to the hugs and kisses they share. Swoon worthy, really. Because of that here’s a compilation video of Richonne getting all up close and personal for your viewing pleasure.


Y is for You’re One of Us

From the moment Rick uttered those words everything changed for Michonne. For me this was the start of Richonne. He accepted her into his family, his home, and gave her a fresh start. This is where they started building on the most important part of their relationship, the trust they have in each other.


Z is for Zombie Apocalypse

There aren’t many things I’m grateful for in the zombie apocalypse…but Richonne is definitely one of them. Without the zombie apocalypse who knows if these two would’ve ever crossed paths and shown us what a functioning, happy, and badass couple look like at the end of the world.

The Walking Dead and Richonne returns Fall 2017.

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