The Walking Dead‘s “What Comes Next” was SUPPOSED to be everything I was dreading. It was to be the end of a legend and possibly the end of me watching this amazing drama by AMC. Color me surprised when the “death” of Rick Grimes ended up being one of the bestRead More →


The Walking Dead’s “The Big Scary U” saw Negan & Gabriel spending some quality time together, Rick & Daryl fighting like siblings (yes, some siblings punch each other,) and too much time spent on the spineless weasels known as Gregory & Eugene. In comparison to the first four episodes of seasonRead More →

Carol continues her streak of badassery, Ezekiel is at a crossroads, and I’ve finally come to understand the necessity of all these battles and gun fights in The Walking Dead’s “Some Guy.” It’s hard to believe that we’re only on episode four and that there is more death and destruction coming forRead More →

AMC has partnered up with Lot 18 for an exclusive wine collection perfect for Sunday evenings watching The Walking Dead. The quality-driven winemakers feature three hand-crafted blends, each with a unique design honoring three characters from the hit series. Rick Grimes wine label features a gun wielding hand, reaching forRead More →

The Walking Dead once again tested Rick & Co. and the viewer on how far we’re willing to go to defeat the enemy in “Monsters.” It was an episode of self reflection for many and the death of others. Eric, one of the only shining examples of LGBT representation onRead More →

Get your heart and tissues ready for AMC has just released an extended version of the dream sequence we saw in season 7 of The Walking Dead. This dream had everyone in Alexandria enjoying a moment of peace and relaxation while being surrounded by family. No one was dead and their biggest concern was lighting torches, entertaining the Gleggie baby,Read More →

Every good story needs a romance. No matter if it’s action, mystery, or a drama, romance is part of the human condition. We crave it. We write fiction about it, create art for it, and form communities around it. Zombie dramas are no exception and that’s where The Walking Dead‘sRead More →

The Walking Dead’s ‘Say Yes’ was a love letter to Richonne with a clear message. A) Richonne is endgame and B) Pain is on its way and it’s name is ‘death’! So sit back, relax, and enjoy all the happy moments in the style of Sixteen Candles with a sideRead More →

Rick and Michonne, the power couple of the apocalypse, are on their own little scavenging mission in The Walking Dead‘s ‘Say Yes.’ With payment due to Negan and mouths to feed, Alexandria is desperately searching for anything they can get their hands on to make it to the next day.Read More →

Alexandria is making it’s way to the Savior base in The Walking Dead‘s new sneak peek ‘Roadblock.’ Rick, Michonne, Jesus, Carl, Tara, Sasha, and Rosita spot the Savior home right before coming to the first of many traps set by the Saviors. The road is barricaded with a line ofRead More →

After releasing new photos over on EW, AMC decided to keep it going by releasing some badass looking character posters for it’s ‘Rise Up’ initiative on The Walking Dead. These 14 images feature some fan favorites and others we haven’t seen in a while. They include: Rick, Daryl, Maggie, Michonne,Read More →

Entertainment Weekly has released an exclusive image previewing a new group of survivors in what looks to be a junkyard on AMC’s The Walking Dead. If we ignore the absolutely horrible haircut (you were thinking it too) we can assume that the odd images AMC released two weeks ago have to doRead More →