‘The Walking Dead’ 8×04 Review: Some Guy

Carol continues her streak of badassery, Ezekiel is at a crossroads, and I’ve finally come to understand the necessity of all these battles and gun fights in The Walking Dead’s “Some Guy.” It’s hard to believe that we’re only on episode four and that there is more death and destruction coming for our survivors.

Let’s discuss The Walking Dead‘s “Some Guy”!

Carol Being a Badass, Again

‘The Walking Dead’ 8×04 Review: Some Guy

I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of Carol being savage AF. There’s this grace to everything she does and she in a way she represents the transformed woman in all of us whose pushed past her fears to become a survivor. When I look at Carol I see a warrior, but I also see a badass woman who’s growing despite the hardships of her past and what she faces now.

This episode marked a turning point for Carol. In the beginning of The Walking Dead she was a victim. After losing her family she spiralled and became a battering ram, nothing able to stop her or her need to survive. She broke when she saw what she had become and seperated herself from her people as a means of safety for them and for herself. She was afraid of herself.

Not anymore.

Carol chose to be the hero. She chose to save her friends instead of destroying those two Saviors like she wanted to. She chose what kind of person that she wants to be from here on out and I couldn’t be prouder. For too long she’s been running on a mode where everything’s been black and white, kill or be killed, but now she sees the greys. Now she has an opportunity to grow in unexpected ways that will define her more than the things she’s done to get to where she is now.

Ezekiel Losing His People, His Tiger, and His Faith

‘The Walking Dead’ 8×04 Review: Some Guy

The King had his faith shaken, trampled on, and smothered down into the mud in “Some Guy.” He didn’t just lose people. He lost family who depended on him, believed in him, and were willing to sacrifice their lives to protect him. And not a minute after discovering the massacre around him, Ezekiel had to watch as his family rose up as the undead.

After such a blow he kept insisting that Carol and Jerry leave him so they wouldn’t sacrifice their lives like the others had done for him. He didn’t think that he was worthy of such dedication when he led his people to the slaughter. The final and absolutely devastating blow came when the walkers killed Shiva. She was his companion, his friend, and a part of his family like all pets are.

What’s happening to Ezekiel right now has happened to all of the leaders on The Walking Dead. At some point or another they lose their faith. They spiral, they hurt, and they try to channel their pain into something like Morgan is doing right now. It’s only through blood, sweat, and tears that Rick, Maggie, Richonne, and so many others, pulled themselves up and kept fighting for a better and safer future.

It’s up to Ezekiel what he does next and if this takes him down or makes him stronger in the long run.

Fine, I’m Not That Upset About the Action Sequences That Take Forever

‘The Walking Dead’ 8×04 Review: Some Guy

Every episode up til now has had action sequence after action sequence. I haven’t kept quiet about the fact that I think they took viewers comments to heart and they’re going full throttle action instead of a balanced weekly show. Part of that still holds true for me, but after tonight’s episode I have a clearer picture of what The Walking Dead has tried to do this season.

The fighting is just a means to an end. Like a silent movie, the action is but a cover to show us the choices that our favorites are willing to make to survive. This kind of acting puts more pressure on the actors to play everything out with their expressions, voice, and body. It also makes it harder for viewers.

We now have to dig a little deeper when we see Daryl kill that man that Rick promised to let go or when Carol killed all those Saviors while hiding out in a crawl space. Their actions aren’t just simple acts of violence. They are a reflection of who these people are and who they have chosen to be in a world where Negan has destroyed them and is actively trying to squash them under his boot and the end of Lucille.

Favorite Scene from The Walking Dead‘s “Some Guy”:

I honestly don’t think I’ve seen Carol smile like this in seasons. She made the right choice to help Ezekiel without knowing what was going to happen next. To her surprise, her boo aka Daryl Dixon, was near. As soon as she realized that she knew that everything was going to be ok and that the guns weren’t going to get to the Sanctuary to hurt more people.

‘The Walking Dead’ 8×04 Review: Some Guy
Check out the trailer for next week’s episode titled “The Big Scary U”:

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