‘The Gifted’ 1×07 Review: Crossing Lines

When it’s on, The Gifted is a compelling show whose whole premise puts them in the perfect place to deliver pointed and necessary social commentary, especially in a world where, every day, it seems like, mutants or not, prejudice is more and more a part of our every day-life.

But that’s only when it’s on. This episode, The Gifted was definitely not on. In fact, it’s so off that I might even say it’s boring.

(Fine, it’s super duper boring, without a doubt it’s worst episode of the season and I just want to forget I watched it.)

Mostly because it gets lost in the moralities of the message it’s trying to send and forgets to move along the plot. With only three episodes to go in its first season, that’s a mistake. We, after all, know, from years of watching TV, that this is just the calm before the storm. And boy, is the storm coming.

So where is the setup?

And no, ten seconds at the end of an episode does not setup make, especially when it’s not immediate stuff, but stuff that seems like it’ll need another episode to come to the forefront.

I’m not worried yet. I’m not excited, I’m not looking forward to the next episode, I’m not dying to discus this one. I’m nothing – and that’s a bad thing.

Plus, I haven’t even mentioned that stupid Carmen story-line that I hope to God has some other use that’s not driving a wedge between Lorna and Marcos. Why is Carmen around again? Please tell me she’s got a role to play in the endgame, because we’ve already wasted too many precious minutes with her, when, according to my calculations, we should be focusing on Dr. Frankenstein and Agent Not-So-High-And-Mighty-Anymore.

(Also, please, let this season not end in the predictable way, with the mutants somehow “winning” but the doctor getting Lauren and Andy and experimenting on them so they can be the “villains” in a possible second two. PLEASE DON’T LET THIS HAPPEN.)

While I’m at it, what’s the point of Wess? To give Lauren a chance to smile? Because I’m here for Natalie Alyn Lind smiling, but come on. That seems like going a bit too far just for that, especially when the special effects surrounding his powers are probably expensive AF.

Basically, this episode was boring, it’s almost not worth talking about and I just want to  fast forward to the next one. Dear God, let it be good. Because, despite all my complaints about how boring this episode was (Zzzzzz) and how boring it made most characters look (Except Polaris, of course, who couldn’t be boring if she tried), I actually enjoy this show.

Yes, I enjoy it. I want it to do good. I want people talking about it.

I want it to get a new season.

With more episodes like this, it won’t. Not that I expect many more like this, no, this was probably the designated filler episode in a short ten hour season. Except shows like Timeless proved last year that you don’t need filler episodes when you’re doing shortened seasons.

You can, and should make every second count.

So, next week? Make me feel, The Gifted. You’ve proven already that you can.  Or, like, at least make me feel engaged. That’s all I’m asking.

Other things to note:

  • Past!Marcos was really easy to convince.
  • Seriously, Dreamer? Seriously? You’re fine with Clarice dying out there, or worse?
  • Either you don’t want us to like her, The Gifted, or you’ve miscalculated, badly.
  • Wes isn’t speaking to me. He’s just another boy. With cool powers, mind you, but that’s about it.
  • Reed’s back to boring this episode. And Caitlin is back to basic, except prettier than Reed. They need to find them a true purpose; otherwise they just look like hanger-ons.
  • Forget what I said about Reed, he’s not just boring – he’s clueless, again. Didn’t we learn this lesson weeks ago?
  • For that matter, why are you so OOC, Lauren? Don’t YOU know better?
  • Reed, if you’d started with that convo, everything would have been peachy.
  • Well Agent Turner, that moral high ground you were pretending to be on …how does it look now?
  • Why are John and Clarice looking like ….a hot yet still extremely problematic couple?
  • Am I really saying that? Is my hatred for Dreamer so big?
  • Yeah, I think it is.

The Gifted airs Mondays at 9/8c on FOX.

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