The Walking Dead‘s “The King, the Widow and Rick” gave us an inside look at the more intimate struggles that leaders have to deal with in their homes, hearts, and minds. King Ezekiel’s community is lost, the king dealing with a heavy weight of guilt, and in need of aRead More →


Carol continues her streak of badassery, Ezekiel is at a crossroads, and I’ve finally come to understand the necessity of all these battles and gun fights in The Walking Dead’s “Some Guy.” It’s hard to believe that we’re only on episode four and that there is more death and destruction coming forRead More →

Welcome to The Kingdom in The Walking Dead’s “The Well”! This local post-apocalyptic renaissance fair, includes attractions like a man with a tiger named Shiva, a bustling school in a gazebo, choir practice, horse riding, and gardening! Note: Garden has fires that can be lit for midnight confessions with fairRead More →