7 Things We Loved About The Walking Dead’s “The Well”

Welcome to The Kingdom in The Walking Dead’s “The Well”! This local post-apocalyptic renaissance fair, includes attractions like a man with a tiger named Shiva, a bustling school in a gazebo, choir practice, horse riding, and gardening! Note: Garden has fires that can be lit for midnight confessions with fair maidens. Doesn’t seem like a bad deal right?

With all that in mind, let’s break down the things we loved in The Walking Dead’s “The Well”.

1. Carol Seeing Double

The Well began with a bout of hallucinations brought to life by Greg Nicotero using twins, one to act as the undead and the other normal. We could brush it off as Carol’s mind playing tricks on her because she’d been shot multiple times. But we can also see it as a clever play by the writers to show us her struggle with the world, post-apocalypse. Carol is trying to balance out the person she was before the zombies came around to the person she is today. It’s a daily struggle that manifested itself in these twin walkers. Settling in the home of the walker who was an old woman, was Carol finally stopping the spiral she was on. This is the start of her recovery and the emersion of a new Carol, one of her choice and design.

2. Welcome to The Kingdom

Out of all the things that Carol’s faced in the zombie apocalypse, this might be the most incredibly odd. Part of her probably thought she was still dreaming or hallucinating, if we’re being honest here. It was like stepping into a renaissance fair with the stage backdrop, pet tiger, court jester, and equally enthralling presence of a king before her. We were all Carol Peletier for a brief moment.

It’s incredible to note, that after the heartache and pain of last week’s premiere, The Walking Dead managed a degree of levity in “The Well.” They made us forget for a moment that Negan could come knocking and swinging at any time. Instead we’re left still thinking about Ezekiel’s theatrical performance and the incredulous looks Carol was giving Morgan throughout their entire first meeting. Now that’s what I call an introduction.


3. Training the Young

For so long, Morgan has been trailing others. He’s been trying to spread the wisdom he’s learned and save people from themselves by force. In The Well, he’s finally learned that you can only save those who have a desire to change. Carol has that change in her, even if she denies it, and so does the little newbie that Morgan is training. Both understand the harsh world and want to change. Difference is that Carol wants to do it alone. Morgan staying in The Kingdom is this man choosing himself for the moment. He has a purpose training this young man. What he does with Morgan’s training is up to him, just as it was up to Morgan.

4. Ezekiel’s Confession By Firelight

When Ezekiel caught Carol, I was afraid for her. I thought that he was going to do something rash or try to hurt her. Keyword: try. He surprised us all by calling her out on her bullshit and revealing his own. By the fire, under the moonlight, and in a garden, Ezekiel confessed that he was putting on a show, a mask, to help his people live. Everyone plays a part in the apocalypse, especially leaders. His just happens to be a theatrical man with dreadlocks and feathers in his hair that calls women “fair maidens”. They understand each other in a way that no one else can and Ezekiel lays his soul bare, because of this. He wants her to see that it’s ok to wear a mask for the good of the people and still feel good about it.

5. The Pigs Being Fed Walkers

This single moment spoke so much about the kind of community The Kingdom is and what kind of leader King Ezekiel wants to be. Despite how idyllic his community looks, he knows that he doesn’t have a group of fighters on hand. That’s why he asks Morgan to stay and why he feeds the pigs walker meat, in hopes of poisoning the Saviors who eat it. He’s preparing himself for what’s to come. If he can show any civil disobedience until he is ready to fight back against Negan, then so be it. He’ll take anything, to show his few trusted, that he won’t take the world laying down. He is a king, after all.

6. Everybody Loves Jerry

Never have I fallen in love with a character as fast as I did with Jerry. Usually characters like him fade into the background, especially when paired against the strength of someone like Ezekiel. But no, Jerry stood out. He was funny, attentive, and despite looking like a loveable teddy bear, you know Ezekiel keeps him around because he’s trusted. His lines, “Well said,” and “Deuces” are instant catch phrases and there’s no doubt that many will scramble to dress like him for last minute Halloween parties. Jerry is to precious for this world and we’ll riot if anything happens to him.

7. Ezekiel Making House Calls

When someone comes knocking in the zombie apocalypse, it’s never a good thing. Well…unless you’re a king with a tiger. Ezekiel’s appearance at Casa de Carol was unexpected but welcome. They’ve recognized something unique about each other and want to indulge in not having to wear masks anymore. Carol could’ve moved further away from the Kingdom but she decided not to. She’s not ready to let go of the world yet and Ezekiel recognizes that.

Let’s talk about Ezekiel changing his shirt for a moment. He, the king, changed clothes and took his pet tiger Shiva out for a walk to bring Carol a pomegranate. A man like him only does that for two reasons: he recognizes the potential for something more between them and wants a chance to explore it. Carol has suffered more than most and deserves all the good things in life. I say go for it! #Carkiel #Ezrol

The Walking Dead airs Sundays at 9/8c on AMC.

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