The Walking Dead 7×01 Review: The Day Will Come When You Won’t Be

The Walking Dead Season 7 premiere titled “The Day Will Come When You Won’t Be” was bold, horrifying, a tour de force by Negan and the rest of the cast. Every single actor was so immersed in what they were doing that it felt like we weren’t watching a show, we were watching the manipulation of a man trying to grind others into the dirt and break them. And he did break them.

The most notable break was Rick, the linchpin of our survivors, and someone that Negan noticed immediately. Difference is that Negan’s never faced a man like Rick. Every single time Rick’s encountered this kind of danger and seen his family hurt, he’s become angrier and filled with vengeance. Negan had to go past that in leaps and bounds. Killing Abraham and Glenn wasn’t enough. He had to show him that he could literally rip him away from his family, force him to cut off his son’s arm, and that Rick couldn’t do anything about it. He ground Rick into the dirt and made the Governor seem like child’s play.

Negan did all of this so he could have more people join his little collective and to teach a lesson. He’s in control now. This is his world and you either get in line or you get put down. Simple and equally terrifying because we know this won’t be the last time he flexes his power or puts Lucille to use.

Now onto the first death. My lovely Abraham. *moment of silence*

To be honest, the pain of Abraham’s death is completely marred by the fact that he was so damn brave! When Negan came at him, he didn’t back down. No. He straightened up, looked him in the eye, and subtly signalled to Sasha that he was saying goodbye. He wasn’t going to die begging and pleading to be spared. He died like a soldier, unafraid of what was to come, and for his people. Abraham’s valor and last words of “suck my nuts” will never be forgotten and have made me love him a little more.

While we’re still on Abraham, Sasha and Rosita shared an exquisite and touching scene after Negan left. Sasha, who has now lost everyone she’s ever loved, was putting to rest any tension she had with Rosita. She was drawing strength from Abraham’s passing and choosing to come together with the people around her, particularly Rosita. In a couple sentences, she let Rosita know that she had her back and that she felt her pain. Sasha isn’t going to spiral like she did before. Abraham wouldn’t want any of that. Instead she’s going to become stronger and not let this world break anymore of her people.

Then there was Glenn. My delivery boy turned hero, husband, father. *another moment of silence*

I had a feeling that the rug was going to be pulled out from under us as soon as the episode started. Something inside of me said that Abraham’s death wasn’t enough. Negan needed to break not only Rick, but us viewers, and show us something we’ve never seen before in the zombie apocalypse. Last season’s cop-out with the dumpster death scene gave me the smallest hope that he wouldn’t be killed like he was in the comic book. I was wrong.

Watching Glenn’s death felt like The Walking Dead ripped a page out of the comic book and shoved it into my face yelling, “Look at it!” over and over again. He was indistinguishable by the time Negan was done with him and I’ve suddenly got a lot of respect for the makeup and prop department of this show. It’s harrowing to think that this will be the last memory Maggie has of him. Sure, his last mumbled words of “I will find you,” softened the blow (can’t believe I just worded it like this) and made us remember every sweet moment with this man….but there’s no way she’ll forget his disfigured head or that eye popping out of his skull.

Still have shivers when I think Glenn and Abraham’s bodies.  

When Negan left it felt like the veil of shock had been pulled away and we could all feel the pain and utter helplessness of their situation for the first time. We felt hollowed out like Maggie, Sasha, Rosita, Michonne, Aaron, Eugene, Rick, and Carl. And despite all that they were feeling, and the tears that were shed, these people stayed together. Family is something that Negan didn’t manage to break and never will be able to do so. Rick & Co. didn’t let Maggie and Sasha take care of Abraham and Glenn’s bodies alone. They wobbled their way to their feet and let each other know that they were still there, that they were still breathing, that they were by each other’s side.

What comes next is…falling into line. Didn’t expect that did you? Expected Rick to start fighting/planning for what’s to come? Negan’s broken them all into itty bitty pieces. The only way that Rick & Co. are going to stand up and fight Negan’s people is if they piece themselves together, grieve, and in Maggie’s case, move away to Hilltop. She can’t walk the same streets as her husband or live in the same home. She feels enough guilt as it is for her sickness being the reason they were out there. Maggie won’t risk it again and would rather be at Hilltop, close to the doctor, just in case.

The Walking Dead world is only going to get bigger and more complicated from now on. Negan will move his chess pieces around like toys and keep us on edge for however long he pleases. But maybe, just maybe, our survivors can find hope in a new place known as The Kingdom.

Additional Notes:
  • Carl is the bravest he’s ever been. When Negan asked for his arm, Carl didn’t shake with fright and beg his father not to do it. He kept his composure for Rick’s benefit and told him to do it because it was the lesser of two evils. Just like Lori said, this world isn’t going to break Carl.
  • I don’t blame Daryl for Glenn’s death. There, I said it. He didn’t follow Negan’s instructions. I’ll give you that. But I don’t blame him for lashing out after seeing his family get hurt. It’s a natural response in such a situation and in his mind he wasn’t going to let anyone else die like Abraham did.
  • The title of this episode is a throwback to Dr. Jenner and one of his last words to Rick when he let them leave the CDC in the Season 1 finale. Rick thanked him for giving his family and opportunity to leave and survive the blast. Jenner gives him a small smile and says, “The day will come when you won’t be.” Looks like his words rang true. The day has come.
Favorite Scene from The Day Will Come When You Won’t Be

Having a meal together like it was always meant to be.

Unforgettable Abraham Quotes:
  • Who’s Deanna?
  • Maybe I’ll let you shave me down all over, dolphin smooth.
  • Loose ends make my ass itch.
  • You’ve got better luck picking up turd up by the clean end.
  • Mother dick.
  • When you were boring the Bisquick. were you trying to make pancakes?
  • Suck my nuts.

The Walking Dead airs Sundays at 9/8c on AMC.

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