A Live Action Snow White Is Coming


While we sit back and wait for the live action Beauty and the Beast, Disney has decided to up the anty and announce that they are working on a live action Snow White. We’re not talking that Snow White and the Huntsman stuff – we’re talking actual Snow White.

Maleficent, Cinderella, and The Jungle Book have been just some of the movies that Disney has filmed in live action. They are working on Mulan, Aladdin, and The Lion King. It’s as if all the movies that we grew up on are being remade because someone at Disney knows that we need something good in our lives.

Screenwriter Erin Cressida Wilson (The Girl on the Train) has signed on to write the script. Yes, we weren’t the biggest fans of that movie – but we’re willing to overlook. Cause how can you possibly go wrong with Snow White?

The original Snow White was made by Disney in 1937. It’s a long ass time ago and we’re ready for something new. But don’t take too many liberties Erin, because Snow White is an institution. It was the first animated movie for Disney and won an honorary Oscar. See… follow the road map of greatness.

We’re excited to see what is yet to come!

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