The Walking Dead 7×12 Review: Say Yes (to Richonne)

The Walking Dead’s ‘Say Yes’ was a love letter to Richonne with a clear message. A) Richonne is endgame and B) Pain is on its way and it’s name is ‘death’! So sit back, relax, and enjoy all the happy moments in the style of Sixteen Candles with a side of chili and mac and cheese in a deserted carnival. It might be our, and Richonne’s, last moments of peace before the storm.

A Day in the Life of Richonne

In many ways I feel like this gif represents the life of Rick and Michonne. There are moments of happiness where the world is right and they get to spend it blissfully in each other’s company. And when it all comes crashing down, whether it be via zombie’s or a deteriorating floor, they still end up at each other’s side and have the other’s back.

Richonne is what great partnerships and love stories are made of. They are endgame.

Their love story wasn’t easy. They grew into this love, bit by bit, day by day. He helped her pull out of her shell and have something worth fighting for after the loss of her family. He showed her that there was something still worth fighting for at the end of the world. And when his life started crumbling around him, she returned the favor without hesitation because he was worthwhile.

Hands down, the sexist thing about Rick and Michonne is that they trust each other. Unlike other shows, Rick isn’t jumping in front of Michonne, ready to protect her from the zombie horde. He knows that she can kick more ass than he ever will. If anything, she’ll protect him from the zombie horde with her katana while looking like a badass. In return she knows she can trust his plans, his motives, and sticks to his side no matter what comes their way.

Rick and Michonne are a package deal, BAMF’s of the apocalypse, and what other writers should aspire to when they’re trying to write unforgettable couples that stick with us long after we turn off the TV.

A Life Without Rick Grimes

The moment that Michonne thought Rick had died felt like a shock to the system for her and the viewers at home. We’ve never contemplated a life without Rick Grimes or that he could be a casualty of the zombie apocalypse. But there it was, in front of our eyes, our feelings perfectly portrayed by Danai Gurira’s stunning acting, the death of Rick Grimes.

Like Michonne, we weren’t ready for the death of a man who’s been there since day one.

Rick’s faux death was meant to remind us that neither of these people are not invincible. (I know, this sounds like heresy, but stay with me.) They can be killed by a walker horde or by the likes of Negan and there’s nothing we can do about it because that is the beauty of life, it’s unexpected nature. The amazing way they work together and trust each other is only delaying the inevitable.

Both of these people will die. Someday.

In retrospect, Rick pulled the van over and talked with Michonne because for a moment Michonne reverted to the lost and broken woman she was when they first met. That right there scared Rick more than anything else. He doesn’t want his loss to smear the progress she’s made, the love they share, or the family they have together.

Whatever may come next, Rick’s words were meant to prepare her and us for the possibility of loss in the hopes that it doesn’t destroy us when it appears. Like Michonne, we are strong enough to survive the death of a loved one, and in that loved one’s name, continue to move forward and conquer, survive, love, and live in this world.

Rosita & Sasha: Disaster in the Making

The most frustrating thing about this duo is that they act like they have a monopoly on pain and it excuses their reckless behavior. Everyone on this show has lost someone, on screen and off screen. Rosita and Sasha have no right to put the entire operation, the war with Negan, and their communities, Alexandria and Hilltop, at risk because of the grief they’re feeling.

They’re being selfish.

Additionally, both women know the power of order and what it is to work with a team. Sasha was raised by a war veteran and was a firefighter. Her job was one of trusting her team mates and working together so everyone got out safely and alive. Rosita has a military background, much that we don’t know about, but enough to keep her alive. You also work closely with a team in this profession and know that your life depends on it sometimes.

Right now, both of these women are throwing away everything (their lives, home, friends, future) for a chance to take out a man who hurt them and made them feel weak. They’re not taking into account that there is a whole line of people waiting to take Negan down as well because he destroyed their lives in a similar fashion.

Now don’t get me wrong, I do believe Rosita and Sasha are trying to protect their communities. They don’t want anyone else to die like Glenn and Abraham did or survive with the pain like they are doing now. But no matter how you paint it, killing Negan is about revenge more than anything.

It’s a suicide mission.

Additional Notes:
  1. Jadis is Kevin Malone from The Office when he was trying to conserve time talking.
  2. Tara talking to Judith was both adorable and sad. Adorable because Judith is a cutie pie and sad because Tara feels like there’s no one she can talk to. She knows that she made a big promise to Oceanside, but her family is at stake and she’ll do anything to protect them.
  3. I was soooo waiting for Rosita to be right around the corner and listening to Tara pour her heart out to Judith.
  4. From the roof top to the deer, loved all the throwbacks to previous The Walking Dead episodes.
  5. Stop?with?the?deer! Every time they make an appearance something goes wrong.
  6. Like the Queen, bless her, Rick Grimes will not die. Emphasis on the “not”.

Favorite Scene from The Walking Dead’s ‘Say Yes’: Richonne Sexcapades

In the span of two minutes we got two sex scenes. Praise be. Even better, the way they held each other spoke of an intimacy that goes far beyond words. It was beautiful.

Favorite Quote from The Walking Dead’s ‘Say Yes’:

“Anything is possible until your heart stops beating.” – Father Gabriel

Check out the trailer for next week’s The Walking Dead, titled ‘Bury Me Here’:

The Walking Dead airs Sundays at 9/8c on AMC.

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