‘The Walking Dead’s Andrew Lincoln to Say Goodbye to Hit Series

Is this the end for The Walking Dead? That’s what many are thinking after Collider‘s announcement that Andrew Lincoln is set to exit the hit AMC series in its 9th season. Reportedly he will only appear in half-dozen episodes of Season 9 before saying goodbye to the zombie drama. With the expansion of their world and all the communities in it, some characters wouldn’t appear for episodes. And we were able to make it through and accept that because we knew that Rick, the heart of the show, was going to keep going and fighting to survive. Now that he’s going to leave, who will keep this show afloat?

Norman Reedus is apparently being offered major compensation to take on the lead role. And personally, I don’t think it’s enough. Any one who has followed The Walking Dead social media knows that Andrew and Lincoln have one of the strongest bonds on the show. On the show they’re brothers and in real life they HAVE become like brothers. Separating them would have to be countered with a heafty raise and stellar writing so viewers don’t jump ship. (Well, they will no matter what but maybe good writing will keep people from not watching.)

We’re already been apprehensive of The Walking Dead‘s future because of Lauren Cohan’s (Maggie) new show over on ABC titled Whiskey Cavalier. She’s reported to stay and appear in a handful of episodes. But what happens if Whiskey Cavalier does well and AMC doesn’t negotiate a better deal for one of the shows biggest stars. Combine that with the death of Chandler Riggs character (Carl) last season and Andrew Lincoln’s departure and we’re at the edge of our seats on what original characters will last and whether it’s worth it to keep with this journey if all the OG’s are gone.

P.S. Are we really going to do this to Michonne?! She just lost her son and feels safe in her love and partnership with Rick. In fact, it’s one of the loveliest and healthiest relationships I’ve seen in a while. And now this? Now Andrew Lincoln’s departure is making us even more sad!

The Walking Dead returns Fall 2018.

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