5 Favorite Moments from ‘Whiskey Cavalier’s “Two of a Kind”

Whiskey Cavalier‘s “Two of a Kind” gave us a glimpse into Frankie’s past with the introduction of her adoptive mom Kelly played by Christa Miller. We got to see a reflection of who Frankie is and was in Kelly and how you can change and be happier because of letting people in, despite the bumps in the road to get to this place in life. So, without further ado, let’s dive into 5 favorite moments from Whiskey Cavalier‘s “Two of a Kind.”

1. Kelly knowing the truth about Frankie and Will.

Kelly and Will were smack dab in the middle of crazy shooting and her hubby running away, but Kelly had to stop for a second and drop this truth bomb on Will. She hasn’t seen Frankie in years and she STILL knows how her adoptive daughter works and what she feels for Will. We see it too, Kelly!

Also, we forgive her for tipping off her husband before. Love makes you do stupid things and Kelly more than made up for her mistake by standing in front of Frankie when her hubby had a gun aimed on her.


2. This intimate moment playing the sports together.

Dear fandom and shipping Gods, this was something straight out of a tropey fanfiction and I love it so much! Yes, please, show Frankie how to play this sport she’s never played before or had an interest in playing. And yes, give us them kicking ass afterwards because these two like to put their twist into everything they do.

Basically, this moment is going to be branded into my Whiskey Cavalier memories, especially because someone at this moment is writing a fanfic about their bodies being all close. Swoon alert and I’m not even ashamed of it!

3. Jai and Standish finding out about their psych evaluations.

Yes, they were a little…wait, they were a lot childish about their psych evals. I mean, who wouldn’t? It’s an honest to God look at who you are as a person and I don’t know if I’d want someone to give me one of those. But these psych evals, I think they brought the team closer together. For one thing, Jai let Standish know about his secret lair. He wouldn’t show that to anyone unless he completely trusted them and he does with Standish.

Also, Jai and Standish got their heads out of their asses and acknowledged that they were Susan’s friend when they showed her the secret lair she already knew about. It’s these actions that make me see the kind of family they have become and the kind they could be if this show finds a new home for season 2. Which, PLEASE! WE NEED MORE!


4. Will’s resting smiling face.

There were plenty of moments during Whiskey Cavalier’s “Two of a Kind” where Will was a goober Care Bear. But this one, where he talks about his resting smile face, this hit me as Will being unapologetically himself without fear of what Frankie is going to say, even when he knows she’ll probably side eye him.

Will is bright, bubbly, and sees the good in people no matter where they are. And that’s a quality I personally would love to have, especially because this good that he sees in people doesn’t make him a fool or a pushover. He’s a kind, considerate, and strong man who isn’t afraid to be gentle and I need more of him in season 2!


5. Frankie and Will just being the best and showing that their chemistry is real.

This is the sweet spot and the reason why we love Whiskey Cavalier so much. Frankie and Will are polar opposites. But that doesn’t stop them from learning from each other and growing, bit by bit, episode by episode. And if this is what we’ve come to and what we’ve got with one season under our belts, imagine two or three seasons in? It’d be beautiful and we’d get to see Frankie really mean it when she offers Will a hug like the one in this scene. I just know it!

Whiskey Cavalier airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on ABC.

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