Fangirlish Best Of 2019 Lists: Male Characters Who Kicked Ass

2019 has offered an amazing array of movies and television making it very difficult to choose between so many great male characters. Some of these characters gave EVERYTHING to save those they love and that definitely makes them worthy contenders. Here are the male characters who kicked the most ass in 2019!

Oliver Queen – Arrow 


Oliver has been protecting his city for seven long years while also giving us one of our favorite OTPs, Olicity. He has grown so much since the start of Arrow that he kicks ass in more ways than just the obvious and we are so sad to see the end of this series. We truly hope that he is not actually gone and that he’ll get his happily-ever-after. Oliver Queen deserves that much for all he’s done and given up. 

Nick Fury – Captain Marvel 


Nick Fury has been kicking ass for the past decade but he really brought it in, Captain Marvel. It reminded us of his epic car chase in Captain America: The Winter Soldier! Honestly, Samuel L. Jackson has been owning the badass scene territory for years. We are hoping for many more opportunities to see Fury in Marvel’s Phase 4!

Reginal ‘Pop’ Merrill – Castle Rock 


Pop is definitely not the nicest guy on this list, in fact, his character was deplorable for a long time, but in his last episode, he redeemed himself. He is on this list because, even when he was nearly dead from cancer, he fought with his all to make sure everyone else got to safety. And, he didn’t just fight, Pop dominated! Thanks to him, Annie and the others got across the train tracks before Pop met his end (for now). 

The Mandalorian – The Mandalorian 


We haven’t even seen this man’s face but, I think we can all agree that he is one sexy BAMF! Not only is he an EXCELLENT fighter but he is protecting our dear, sweet, baby Yoda which gives him major bonus points in the ass-kicking department.

Steve Harrington – Stranger Things 


Steve may have been more of a fighter in season two but he still kicked ass in season three. He underwent some serious torture in the underground Russian lab! He is such a great friend too which really makes him worthy of this list. What would Dustin have done without Steve (and the others involved in Scoops Ahoy)? 

Tony Stark – Avengers: Endgame 


What can we say about Tony that hasn’t already been said? After the incredible loss in Infinity War, Tony left the Avenger life behind and created his family. But when the Avengers came to call, Tony rejoined the fight and died to save everyone else breaking all of our hearts. Tony Stark has kicked ass as himself and as Ironman for over ten years and we are forever grateful. We love him 3000! 

Andre Davis – 21 Bridges 


Chadwick Boseman kicked some major ass as Black Panther in Avengers: Endgame but we are really feeling him as a cop in his role in 21 Bridges. There’s really something about him as Adre Davis owning the streets of a big city during a major crisis. He owned that role and was a badass in an awesomely subtle way!

John Wick – John Wick Chapter 3


Is there ever a time when John Wick isn’t kicking ass? He is in his third movie and he is still blowing our minds with new and thrilling action sequences! We have definitely learned that you don’t mess with John Wick’s animals, or anything he loves, because it will not end well for you. We are here for him continuing to kick major ass for years to come! Did everyone love the horse riding scene as much as us?

Rev-9 – Terminator: Dark Fate 


Arnold always brings his A-Game for the Terminator movies but we want to shout out Diego Luna for his role as the bad guy, the Rev-9. Did the girls kick his ass when it was all said and done? Yeah. But, weren’t you just as frightened of him as we were? The Rev-9 gave off a much creepier vibe than previous terminators because he had some personality mixed in. We wouldn’t want to run into Rev-9 in a dark (or light) alley.

Tallahassee – Zombieland: Double Tap


We’re pretty sure it’s safe to say Tallahassee was the best fighter in the first Zombieland film and that fact remains true in the sequel. Tal has a passion for the zombie kill that no one else really does which makes him so excellent at handing the undead their asses. We’d vote for Tallahassee as President of the new America (sorry Witchita, but you run away too often when things get tough).

Mike November – Jack Ryan


You’re probably thinking that Jack Ryan belongs on this list because he’s the star of the show and he kicks ass. However, Mike November doesn’t come off as the battlefield ready guy he actually is. November can handle himself extremely well and, to be honest, he looks very sexy doing it. The season two finale was EVERYTHING! 

Agent Will Chase – Whiskey Cavalier 


We’re still not over the cancellation of Whiskey Cavalier. It’s a show that has so much more to offer including more ass-kicking (and emotional breakdowns) from Will Chase “Whiskey Cavalier”. Chase wasn’t the macho-man type but, instead, a sensitive guy who could also handle himself in a fight. You could easily transition from eating ice-cream with Chase to being in the middle of a gunfight, and we’d be ok with either. 

What did you think of our list? Did we miss any of your favorites? Share your favorite male characters who kicked ass in the comments or on social media!

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