7 Favorite Moments from ‘Supernatural’s “Our Father, Who Aren’t in Heaven”

From the return of Adam/Michael to Rowena being the queen to end all queens, Supernatural’s “Our Father, Who Aren’t in Heaven” helped set the stage for what’s to come when The CW show returns in 2020!

1. Sam and Eileen being goals.

Every moment spent between Sam and Eileen makes me feel so happy for our tall moose. He deserves all the good in the world and if that means finding companionship or love with Eileen, we are here for it. P.S. If God ruins this, I’m going to blow a gasket. Yup. ALL OF US WILL!


2. Sam and Dean’s synchronized entrance.

I can just imagine Sam and Dean having a serious conversation about entrances and how being synchronized really changes how an enemy looks at you or behaves around you. Practice makes perfect and I’m down for silly fics where this is the monster of the week they need to slay.


3. Adam and Michael spending quality time together.

After everything that Adam has been through, he deserves this simple moment with a plate of fries and a burger. Hell, he deserves way more that that for being stuck in the cage with Michael for seasons on end. Glad he’s free and hope to see more of him before Supernatural ends.


4. Adam/Michael remembering Castiel.

The way that Cas asked Adam/Michael if he remembered him had me in stitches. It was a memorable moment, way back when Cas lit him on fire and called him “assbutt.” But part of me will forever be grateful for that insult as it in lives in Supernatural infamy til this day.


5. Rowena being the Queen of Hell.

THIS IS WHAT ROWENA DESERVES! TO REIGN OVER HELL LIKE THE DARK QUEEN SHE IS. ALL HAIL ROWENA, QUEEN OF HELL! But seriously, Sam and Dean are going to have a hell of a lot less to worry about now that Rowena has the reigns in hell.


6. Dean apologizing to Adam.

Adam being left in the cage with Michael was one of Supernatural’s biggest mistake. Now, I don’t know if it was because the writers couldn’t get a hold of the actor playing Adam or if they just forgot, but it was nice seeing Dean apologize for the suffering they let him endure. It matters.


7. Rowena telling Dean and Cas to fix things between them.

Every word that Rowena spoke when it came to Dean and Cas was the damn truth. They need to get their shit together and work on their issues. Nothing is forever and she doesn’t want them to spend whatever time they have left being angry with each other. So fix it!


Supernatural returns to The CW in 2020.

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