‘Supernatural’ SDCC Interviews: The EP’s Talk About the End of a Era

We got the opportunity to talk to the impossibly talented executive producers of Supernatural at SDCC. And without giving too much away, because they’ve got to keep us on the edge of our seats, each EP dropped this important nugget of information about the end of an era:

Andrew Dabb: “I think you just have to realize you’re not gonna make everybody happy and you have to do what makes the most sense to not just myself but Bob Singer and everybody that’s worked on the show for so many years, the actors, and everything like that. We all have very strong opinions about the way it’s going to go and I think the ending point we’ve kind of decided on ticks those boxes for those people.”

Bob Singer: “We never shied away from giving them big challenges because we knew they could handle it. And they would go beyond where we thought the scene might be. That energizes you as a writer, producer, director. I love directing these guys. It’s the most fun for me.”

Eugenie Ross-Leming: “They are nervous and anxious and they sort of decide to pretend to act like they have a mission, they know what the mission is, and that their whole life that has preceded this moment, this realization, has not been a sham.”

Brad Buckner: “At the end of the last page of every Supernatural script says, “To Be Continued…” It doesn’t say the end or fade out. It says to be continued and I turned to Andrew said, “You’re writing the script, that for the first time in Supernatural history, it will say “the end.”

Bob Berens: “I think we all have a broad consensus on a vision for an endpoint that’s very exciting to all of us, that feels like not what you’re expecting, without subverting the emotional imperative of closing out the story. Like, it feels lie both an honor to what needs to be seen but doesn’t feel predictable.”

To hear more about the end of Supernatural, how the EP’s got there, and planning an epic ending, watch our SDCC interviews below!

Supernatural returns to The CW this Fall.

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