‘Supernatural’ 15×05 Review: “Proverbs 17:3”

Supernatural’s “Proverbs 17:3” saw God going for his greatest hits with the return of Lilith to mess up the Winchesters lives once again. Fun times! Sike. I’m tired of God and the way he wants to be a puppet master to Sam and Dean aka his favorite story. On top of all that, Cas and Jack have yet to return or be seen by viewers and I’m tired of it. Give me back Cas and Jack and make our Winchester family whole again!

What the Actual Fuck, Chuck?


Things are starting to become a little more crystal clear when it comes to Chuck and what he has planned for the Winchesters. And a huge part of that is due to the return of Lilith aka the one responsible for popping Lucy out of his cage. It’s been a long time and honestly I didn’t care for her or want her back in the first place but here we are.

Chuck is pulling out his greatest hits and annoying the shit out of everyone he brings back. It was more than obvious with the way that Lilith called God out for being a basic God who fails up and lashes out when things don’t go his way like a petulant child. And that part right there was giving me life when it came to Lilith. Even someone as vile as her can understand that God has lost his marbles and sometimes you just have to smile and push through.

And now for those nightmares that Sam is having. It brings me joy that Sam has a connection with God that the latter isn’t really aware of. This is not to say that I like Sam in pain. He’s a precious unicorn like everyone else on this show and I don’t want to see him hurt or traumatized anymore. But this connection, oh yes, it’s going to be part of the reason that God is taken down and I am so here for it!

Where the Hell Are Cas and Jack


Look, I know that the Winchesters are trying to figure shit out. Chuck is coming after them like white on rice and that’s bound to keep them distracted. But where the hell are Cas and Jack and why is it that Sam is the only one worried about Cas? It’s honestly starting to piss me off because A) these two are honorary Winchesters and B) Cas and Dean have gone through harder shit and made it out as brothers.

Everything feels different now and a huge part of it is because of Castiel’s disappearance. And I can’t help but being pissed at Dean. Yes, shit is messed up, but you two have gone through so much since you met. There have been plenty of ups and plenty of downs, but the one undeniable truth is that they are family and they always find their way back to each other. Why is this time different? And why is it that Sam is the only one worried about Cas?

And then there’s Jack. He’s our precious nougat son and he’s probably out there doing something with Death that we’ll figure out soon enough. But time has passed and nothing. Not even a peep or a small hint that Jack is ok or on his way back. I understand for stories sake he can’t pop up immediately and Death probably is trying to prepare him for the asshole that is God, but come on! I miss Jack just as much as I miss Cas and I’ll really like to see them again on my screen. 

Please and thank you!

Dean, Where He’s Meant to Be, and Cas


Things have been particularly hard for Dean lately. I mean, when haven’t they. But I think Dean is in a precarious place where he feels the loss of his mother, friend, and son in such a manner that he’s closing himself off to anything but the job. And part of me is proud of him for knowing where he belongs in life and that this job is where he’s meant to be. But another part of me wants to slap the back of his head and call him out.

In lives like theirs it’s hard to trust and find family. But somehow or someway, Dean has done that. It’s no longer just Sam and Dean. It’s Sam, Dean, and Cas. And in the past couple seasons it’s been Sam, Dean, Cas, and Jack. And it works. It works so well that right now I’m mourning the loss of Jack and lamenting Cas’ disappearance as he tries to find himself in this world. 

With God mucking up things so much for the Winchesters I think it’s time to bring Cas back into the fold and for Dean to forgive his friend, his family, for what happened in the past. There is love between these two men and I refuse to believe that they won’t find their way back to each other eventually. Here’s hoping it happens soon because I’m A) tired of waiting and B) tired of watching Dean take on this job without Cas by his side.

Favorite Scene from Supernatural’s “Proverbs 17:3”:


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