7 Things We Can’t Stop Talking About from ‘Supernatural’s Season 14 Finale


Supernatural’s season 14 finale titled “Moriah” acts as the final hiatus before this iconic show wraps up with a 15th season. And we’re all sorts of not okay, especially because Jack has been burned out, God is playing games, and monsters from their past have come to bring down Team Free Will once again. We’re on the precipice of something grand and it feels like 14 seasons in the making will lead to never before thought of content for the longest running show on this network.

With that in mind, let’s dive into the things we can’t stop talking about from Supernaturals “Moriah.”

1. Chuck burning out Jack.

On the list of things I never want to see ever again, this is #1. Jack, our nougat son, deserved better. He’s a part of our family and I refuse to believe that this is the end for him. He’s still got so much to do, to learn, and to achieve in this world. And I want him to do all this at the Winchesters and Cas’ side. So, hurry up season 15. I’m more than ready for you, especially if there’s even the smallest probability that Jack can be brought back to life.


2. Dean holding Jack at gun point.

Look at that face. That’s the face of a young man trying to survive, thrive, and not let this world beat him down. Sure, his soul might be gone but that doesn’t mean that everything he’s done to this point has gone bye bye. It matters, the good and the bad. It’s what makes Jack the nephilim he is and the Winchester he is in his heart. And it’s the reason why this is so hard for Dean. He raised this young man, guided him, and this is where they ended up at. Breaks my heart all over again just thinking about it.


3. Team Free Will taking on their past.

First of all, how dare you, God? Don’t like that your “playthings aka your favorite channel” aren’t jumping at your beck and call? Boo fucking hoo. Sam, Dean, and Cas are the heroes of this story and honestly I think you can’t stand the fact that they are surviving without an ounce of your help. That’s why you brought back all the darkness that Sam, Dean, and Cas have destroyed. You’re bored, angry, and finally revealing yourself as the power hungry prick we’ve always known you were.


4. Dean not being able to lie.

Leave it to Supernatural to throw some truly funny moments in what otherwise is a serious episode. Lying is what the Winchesters do to get through their days. It’s how they gather information and get past the human factor of a story to get the monster they’re after. Having the ability to lie stripped away from them leaves them in an awkward position where they have to work at getting information a different way, basically proving that even 14 years later, they still keep things fresh!


5. Dean destroying God’s guitar.

God is trying to be all chill AF about everything like there are no stakes. Sorry, not sorry but there are plenty of stakes. A whole world full of them! And again, sorry, not sorry that your guitar got smashed to bits in front of you. You’ve been playing with the lives of these men for ages and they’re done with it. They don’t need YOU but you sure as hell need them. So, go ahead and throw your hissy fit because the Winchesters won’t be your play thing anymore.


6. Dean telling God to go to hell.

Dean has tried to understand. He’s tried to see it from God’s perspective when it comes to this big world and all the other universes they know are out there. It’s a lot of work for anyone. But he’s done now. God can go to hell for all Dean cares and we’ve got his back 100% of the way. Why? Because the Winchesters and everyone on Team Free Will is the hero of the story. Not God. Not his angels. Team Free.

7. Jack understanding how loved he is.

It matters that Jack knows he’s loved. He’s fucked up, done things his mom would frown upon, but he keeps getting back up because Team Free Will has become his family and because they love him. And it’s amazing that he knows and acknowledges that he is loved while lacking a full soul. It shows great awareness and understanding of what people feel for him even if he can’t fully understand or connect with it. Having Cas be witness to Jack confessing that he understands he’s loved, just winds things up to 20 on the feels scale. Cas loves this young man and would do anything for him, not because he’s Kelly Kline’s son and because he made a promise. Well, partially. But Cas does all of this because Jack has become his own; his brother, his friend, his son, and his family.


Supernatural is set to return for a final season Fall 2019.

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