‘Supernatural’ 15×06 Review: “Golden Time”

Supernatural’s “Golden Time” saw the return of fan favorite Shoshannah Stern aka Eileen, and not just for a couple seconds as a ghost. She was resurrected, gave us all the feels, and reminded us of how badass this woman truly is. “Golden Time” also saw Dean having a crisis of faith again and Sam discovering more about Rowena aka the witch he killed even though he didn’t want to because he loved her like family. So, without further ado let’s dive into Supernatural’s “Golden Time”!

What Rowena Was Planning


I thought that I had reached the pinnacle of being mad that Rowena was killed in the final season of Supernatural. I thought there was no more that this show could do to twist the knife of everything happening in their fight against God. Fifteen seasons should’ve taught me that Supernatural has layers and likes to mess with my feels long after someone passed.

Rowena didn’t start off as the good guy. Oh she was a pain in the ass to Sam and Dean and caused all sorts of trouble. But years of growth led to the moment of her sacrifice and we got to know a different side of Rowena; one who was kind, caring, while still retaining her badass street cred. Yes, I just said that. Rowena had street cred.

Finding out that she was trying to find a way to bring back Mary feels like a punch to the chest. It’s a defining moment for Rowena that cements the kind of person and the kind of witch that she was. And I’m pissed that she’s gone and so damn proud of her for the good heart that was beating inside of her.

She loved Sam and Dean. Sam definitely a lot more, but they were her boys. And she was trying to bring back Mary and ground her into a body as a means of doing something for her loved ones. Rowena wasn’t looking for kudos or thank you’s. She was working on a project in secret as a means of doing the right thing.

And for that, I love her to the moon and back.

We’re the Guys Who Break the Rules


Crisis of faith happen all the time on Supernatural. They’re important parts of human nature and proof that sometimes we need to learn the same lesson again as we grow and blossom to the next stage of our lives. Because we’re never the person we were last week or the week before that. We keep growing, learning, and changing as people and that is especially true with the Winchesters.

“Golden Time” saw Dean having a crisis of faith where he didn’t know or understand if anything he did mattered in the grand scheme of things if God was out there playing games with everyone. And he needed to work on it himself. He also needed Sam to voice the thoughts inside of his head and speak the truth of their situation.

They got this. It might look like a major shit show where both sides don’t know what the hell they’re doing or how it’s all going to end, but Sam and Dean have this in the bag. They will survive because they have each other at their sides and because they are not alone. God is alone, trying to figure it all out while probably cackling to himself in a dark room.

But Sam and Dean? Oh they will break the rules, rewrite them, and then show the world what 15 years of fighting tooth and nail for this world truly means. And I can’t wait.

Eileen, My Sweet Summer Child


Eileen is another example of a good woman fridged on this show. Because if there’s one thing that Supernatural is known for its setting women aside by killing them. And I’m sick and tired of it. I’m especially tired when you take into account that Eileen, a good person and soul, was dragged down to hell and can’t go to heaven because of that. 

Seeing her like this, a soul with no home, is cruel and unjust punishment. Watching Sam fight so hard to keep it together in front of Eileen felt like the cruel cherry on top. At one time, these two found comfort in each other; two souls that connected amongst the crazy that was their lives. And they fit. They fit into each other’s lives, hearts, and into the others arms before she was killed. And I’m not going to forget that anytime soon, even if she’s alive now.

Which, let’s talk about that hug and that little Sam smile. It was beautiful and the happy moment that our boys deserved after all the hard work they put into everything that comes their way. That simple moment was also what Sam needed to cement in his mind that no matter what is going on and no matter what God is up to, they got this. They have moves that will push them forward and they are going to stop whatever the hell God has planned because they’re stronger together.

I hope that “together” means Eileen as well because not only do Sam and Dean deserve a great ally like her, she’s a badass all on her own and maybe the kind of companion that Sam deserves to have in his complicated AF life. So, throw a little love my way Supernatural. I deserve it. Sam deserves it. Eileen deserves it. And I’m more than ready for it.

Favorite Moment from “Golden Time”:

I’ve missed Castiel dearly and it was most welcome to him getting sassy while on his own adventure on Supernatural.


Supernatural airs Thursdays at 8/7c on The CW.

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