We got a chance to speak with Jensen Ackles about where his character arc as Dean Winchester goes in season 15 and the end of an era for Supernatural and The CW at this year San Diego Comic Con. And even though it seems like maybe he’s got everything togetherRead More →


Snagging a ticket to Comic Con is no walk in the park. If you’re one of the masses of fans who couldn’t find a way to squeeze into Hall H this year, check back here all week for our coverage of all of the major news, panels, and trailers fromRead More →

Supernatural‘s “Byzantium” tore our hearts out, kept us on edge all episode, before ultimately bringing back Jack. The darkness was this close to getting him. But I had no doubt (well maybe a tiny bit) that Sam, Dean, and Cass would pull through for Jack. He’s no longer just a nephilim,Read More →

Supernatural, the show that’ll never die,  is set to return for it’s 13th season on The CW. With Mary gone, Castiel dead, and Jack in their care, the Winchesters are in for a hell of a season. There will be alternate universes, a new version of Michael to fight, andRead More →

Warner Bros Entertainment has released the cover art & details for the Blu-Ray & DVD release of Supernatural Season 12. The CW show starring Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles, Misha Collins, Mark Sheppard, and Samantha Smith (yes, I included Mama Winchester) is set to release Season 12 September 5th, 2017. TheRead More →

The CW and Entertainment Weekly have treated us with some some new promo pics that can only be described as “tall, dark, and handsome.” Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, Mark Shepphard, and Misha Collins feature in the photos and we’re hoping for more soon! With the season starting to wind downRead More →

The Winchesters are going up against Nazi necromancers in Supernatural‘s “The One You’ve Been Waiting For.” And not for the first time either! Dean and Sam encountered Nazi necromancers back in Season 8 Episode 13 “Everybody Hates Hilter.” Guess since Lucy’s off recuperating from whatever Rowena did to him andRead More →

Dean’s confusion, resentment, and heartache over the departure of Mary was felt all over, in Supernatural’s “American Nightmare.” While Sam wanted to investigate the family suspected of a wrongful death, Dean wanted to give them a pass. He was so sure of himself and his skills because they’re the onlyRead More →

We’ve been waiting patiently (not so patiently) for Sam and Dean to go undercover as priests since 1×14 of Supernatural! (I’m not counting 4×03.) American Nightmare is finally fulfilling that long standing wish and mixing a good ol’ portion of family angst into the mysterious case of a religious family withRead More →

The time has come in Supernatural‘s “Mamma Mia.” Mary and Dean are going to rescue Sam! And Toni, the British MoL pantsuit wearing jerk, is about to get her ass handed to her Winchester style. Rick Springfield makes his debut as Vince Vicente and gives us a glimpse of whatRead More →

Family, grounded relationships, and a unique balance between drama and humor. Supernatural has never been better! It’s season 12 premiere “Keep Calm and Carry On” showed us and any doubters out there that Supernatural still has what it takes to keep us entertained and steal our hearts while they’re atRead More →