‘Supernatural’s Sam Winchester Married Eileen Leahy, Period

'Supernatural’s Sam Winchester Married Eileen Leahy, Period
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  1. cas says:

    Totally agree

  2. Prita says:

    Are you crazy? Stop giving non-sensical details to the public, one that is totally untrue and illogical.
    Sam and Eileen didn’t marry each other. Eileen left in ep 19 and Sam and Dean lived together alone. Anyone who watched the show can see that.

  3. Dave Reddreads says:

    They could have hooked up after Dean’s hunter funeral. I’m sure Sam had Eileen’s phone number. Come on man, don’t you think maybe, just maybe Sam would have called her for emotional support? It is very possible. So I’m gonna go with the idea that the hooked up and lived happily ever after.

  4. Stacey Lane says:

    No. Sam and Eileen did not get a happily ever after. If they did, where was she as he lay dying? If she had died before him, she would’ve been waiting for him in Heaven with Dean.

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