‘Supernatural’: 5 Things We Want from Season 15

With the final season of Supernatural right around the corner we came up with a very concise, very judgement free, and very organized look at what we want for season 15. I’m just pulling your chain! Of course this’ll be full of tangents, judgement from down low to up high, and truth tea that doesn’t discriminate against anyone! So, let’s dive into the 5 things we want from season 15 of this epic show!

1. A happy ending.

This isn’t me being a fool. I know what show I’m watching and I know that everyone won’t be satisfied with the ending we get. What I’m asking for is a happy ending where the end of Supernatural isn’t left vague or ambiguous. After 15 years I think we deserve better. Hell, the Winchesters deserve better. And over the past couple years I’ve seen them grow as leaders, brothers, and hunters. But they can’t continue doing this til the cows come home and I want Dean and Sam to get THEIR happy ending. I’m talking Dean buying a shop to fix up cars and Sam working at a bookstore that is all his. See? Cheesy, yet possible and something not ambiguous/open ending.

Note: My hate/loathing for ambiguous/open ending stems from fanfiction users who give us this travesty. You know who you are!


2. The return of Jack Kline.

I miss my nougat son and I KNOW that he deserved better. Sure, he made some mistakes along the way. Some BIG mistakes at that. But who the hell hasn’t? Also, he’s practically still a toddler with the power to change this world at the blink of an eye. Jack deserves some leeway and some training to help control the power inside. Also, he gave up pieces of himself for the Winchesters. He IS an honorary Winchester just like Castiel is and I won’t hear any different!

3. Big bads and friends from the past returning.

The final season means that we need to go out with a bang! Every episode must be more special and badass than the episode that comes before it and we need blasts from the past on our left, right, and everything in between. I’m looking at you guest monsters that have tried to kill the Winchesters back in season one and friends who have helped the Winchesters since this crazy journey started. And if that means I get to see my Wayward Sisters cast then I’M HERE FOR IT!

4. The end of Lucifer.

Lucifer has been a key part of Supernatural since the very beginning. And even though I love Mark Pellegrino and the work he’s done on Luci, I need it all to end for Lucifer. He’s worked too hard to destroy the Winchesters and everything they love. And like a cockroach, he always comes crawling back and coming back to life. So, this is me saying I’m done. Luci needs to go and finally pay for his crimes against the Winchesters and the world as a whole. 

5. The end of God.

If there’s one person/being that I hate more than Lucifer it’s God aka Chuck. He’s a self serving asshole who thinks that everyone owes him. Sure, he created humans but he made them go through unthinkable pain just because “he could” and because “he had to let his baby go so it could find it’s own way.” I call bullshit from here until October 10th. God could’ve helped all along, especially when the Winchesters needed him. And look at God now in season 15. Troublemaker extraordinaire who needs to be put in his place.

Supernatural returns Thursday, October 10th on The CW.

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