‘Supernatural’ 15×02 Review: “Raising Hell”

Supernatural’s “Raising Hell” gave me all the guest stars my little #SPNFamily loving heart could handle. On top of that it gave me more Dean and the struggles that he’s working through while trying to control God’s fuck up. It was all tied together by my anger at God tricking the Winchesters and sending Kevin to hell. That’s going to bite him in the ass, BIG TIME!

Dean Having Lost His Way

Personally I don’t understand this narrative that Dean Winchester’s storyline has dried up or become extinct because Sam is “special.” Dean has his own storyline, his own struggles, and they aren’t any less than Sam’s struggles just because at one time Sam was possessed by Satan, had magic powers, and was drinking demon blood. 

This episode is proof that Dean has his own struggles and worries. Right now it’s that everything he did meant nothing in the long run because it was all God’s, the dick, long term plan. And that’s got to suck to the moon and back for Dean. He has fought so hard and lost so much that God’s reveal as the puppet master of all their grief and pain feels like a gut to the punch.

His anger at Castiel is also part of this internal struggle and storyline. And while I understand what Dean is going through, I think he should give Cas the benefit of the doubt or actually talk to him. I know Dean is in pain but he’s known Cas for years, gone to Purgatory and back for him, and is practically family with the angel. And that right there is why Dean should buck up and talk to his friend.

The Winchesters have bigger demons to fry and have no time for internal struggles that put the mission to save the world from ghosts of its past in danger.

God is an Ass

Look, we’ve been known that God was a cruel and unusual god. He created humans, got tired of them, and then set them free because he was so benevolent & trusted his baby to flourish without him. Insert eye roll here. Basically we’ve been known that God is a jerk. The revelation that he sent Kevin to hell is the last straw that broke the camels back, for me and for the Winchesters.

Kevin deserved better than going to hell and for the life of me I can’t understand why he was sent to hell. He was a prophet of God who helped the Winchesters left and right to save the world. He was a good guy, a great guy in fact. And God did him dirty like this? Oh no, girl. We’re not here for that noise or that garbage.

This decision proves that he’s never cared for the Winchesters in the first place. They, and the family and friends that they’ve lost along the way, are just part of his favorite show. And God has had fun playing around with his favorite show. The fact that they are now rebelling against him is like a bee in his holy bonnet. 






Teach this asshole a lesson, Sam and Dean. He needs one, desperately. 

Guest Star Extravaganza

The best part of “Raising Hell” are the guest stars who appeared in the episode. Even after all the trouble that Amara caused, I’m proud of her for finding herself in Reno and deciding to separate herself from her brother and his problems. He’s still family and she’d be there if he asked. But he’s trouble who locked her up for way too long. Amara deserves to be a little selfish.

Then there was Rowena. Dear lord, I love this fiery witch and every moment she appears on screen. She has grown so much as a woman, a character, and ally. I’m proud of her and the bond she has with the Winchesters. They’re her only family and that’s why she comes to help them. 

Ketch is another story. He has no one and he’s running around doing side work to pass the time and survive. And honestly, the Ketch wounds are still too fresh and I wasn’t happy to see him. His saving grace was the electric tension between him and Rowena. If it wasn’t that he got injured I’m pretty sure they’d find a place to bump uglies. Yes, I said “bump uglies.”

And finally there was Kevin. Even though I am PISSED that he went to hell, I’m glad to see Kevin. He’s family and he loves the Winchesters just as much as we do. I really hope that he returns and Sam & Dean figure out a way to get him up to heaven where he deserves to be with his mom. Which, imagine his mom thinking it’s all ok and that her boy is with her. FEEEEELS because he isn’t!

Supernatural airs Thursdays at 8/7c on The CW.

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