‘Supernatural’ 15×04 Review: “Atomic Monsters”

God is an asshole. Yes, you read that right. And at this point, there is no turning back from the evil that he started brewing in Supernatural‘s “Atomic Monsters.” Because now, at the end of it all, the big bad, the one they should all be scared of is the author of the story. God is the monster and everyone else is just his little play things.

To really break down how freaking angry he makes me, let’s start with Becky. I’ve never really liked her and she was problematic half the time. In “Atomic Monsters” we saw the glow-up version of Becky. This person had a husband, a family, a home, and an understanding of what she did in the past and how it was wrong. She even turned her passion into a career and became the #1 provider of Supernatural things on Etsy.

Major glow-up. Major change.

And then the asshole that is God had to come around and fuck it all up. He really came to Becky because he thought she was going to be some pitiful loser that would fluff him up and make his ego rise. And when she didn’t do that, when she stood up for herself, showed him that she didn’t need him to make her believe in herself, and didn’t take any of his crap…well, he lost his ever loving shit.

God said that he didn’t kill Becky’s family, but who the fuck knows when it comes to God. Maybe he did kill Becky’s family because he doesn’t give a shit and humans are practically nothing under the foot of God. And seriously, the balls it takes to do this to Becky, they have to be tank sized. Because not only did he come to her to be fluffed, he took her home and poofed her out of existence because he wanted to.

What an asshole.

This is further proof that A) Supernatural really likes to fuck over its female characters. (Remember, they just killed Rowena in the episode before.) and B) that God is the villain of this story. He never really wanted to help Sam and Dean. They were his play things and when those play things got out of order he had to stomp them down like he’s doing now. He honestly doesn’t understand how to write a story, deliver a satisfying ending, or that people want stories of hope and not just monsters, death, and mayhem.

With this being the final season and God being stuck on Earth, I’m afraid. God hasn’t had to focus on Earth in eons and now that he’s bored, angry, and feeling betrayed by his play things he’s going to ramp up the douchebaggery and do some truly horrible things to the Winchesters. Because at the end of the day, God is the monster of this story. He’s the true evil that the Winchesters have been fighting against since day one.

And we’re tired of it.

So, bring it, God. I might be afraid but BRING. IT. ON. Whip out the big guns and know that the Winchesters are going to fight you at every turn until Billie the Reaper/Death reaps you for the first and final time. Because it’s coming. His end is near and I can’t wait to see him being put in his place and the Winchesters set free from the shit storm he has put them through.

Favorite Scene from Supernatural’s “Atomic Monsters”:



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