‘Supernatural’ 15×01 Review: “Back and to the Future”

Supernatural’s season 15 premiere, titled “Back and to the Future,” was a reminder of how far we’ve all come when it pertains to the Winchesters and their fight against all things evil, good, and everything in between.  And maybe some of you didn’t need it (you’ve been known that the Winchesters are badasses) but I sure did. I’m proud of the Winchsters, the strides they’ve made over 15 seasons, and how they’re starting off this journey to the end. So, without further ado, let’s dive into Supernatural’s “Back and to the Future”!

The Good – In the Winchesters We Trust, Including Cas

First of all, and just to clarify it to everyone reading this, when I talk about the Winchesters I always think of Cas being in this category. He’s family and part of Team Free Will. Same thing does for Jack as part of Team Free Will 2.0. Family, all around. Now, let’s get back to it all.

In the Winchesters we trust is something that I have never doubted in the 15 years watching this show and it’s something still true to this day. When the chips are down, when it looks like there are no more options or ways to get out of this all, trust in the Winchesters. They are the champions of this world and it’s no wonder everyone is afraid and in awe of them. They get shit done while sporting a heart of gold that loves deeply and truly.

That’s why I have no doubt they’ll figure this all out. Because Sam, Dean, and Cas are at the wheel of their lives, no matter how much God made them feel like they had no choice. They always have had them. That’s why they’re so entertaining to God and why he keeps on coming back. Other versions of Team Free Will actually listen to God. Not these people. They do what they want, when they want, if it means helping people and killing stuff; the family business.

The Bad – That Gun and That Wound

Sam’s wound, people. That thing has a major infection and I’m freaking out at those flashbacks we saw when Cas tried to heal Sam. There was evil there. Evil face Sam with a side of “oh my fucking god, does this mean Sam in a White Suit with Lucifer is a go again”? Say it ain’t so! But Supernatural has been playing all of this as part of the long game. Who knows what it could all be about?

What we do know is that God is a freaking liar. At every turn he has been dragging Sam and Dean around like lost puppies of his favorite show. And it really shows how much of a dick he has been since day one. Part of God, he knows what’s coming. And sure, he planned way ahead and expected Dean to shoot Jack, but he can’t predict that Dean wouldn’t. So there’s some wiggle room there to kick ass, save the world, and call it a day.

Oh, and that gun. I don’t think God knew what was going to happen when Sam shot him. He knew about the repercussions that happened at the moment of shooting aka also having the same wound. But he didn’t know that it would wound Sam in the manner it has now where he’s got a mighty infection leading him on the road to death town because that’s how it always happens on Supernatural.

Another line of curious thought is that maybe God is experiencing the same thing that Sam is. After all, Death said he would collect God one day because even he wasn’t exempt from death. Maybe this is his death, his time. For all the years he’s been a dick to the Winchesters, maybe he deserves all the bad coming his way!

The Ugly – Faux Jack That I Don’t Trust

Now, I loved Mini-Crowley aka Faux Jack. He was funny, weird, and the kind of character I miss ever since Crowley said goodbye forever. But I couldn’t help but be squirrely around him for the entirety of the episode. Like, I couldn’t calm down or take a moment to even breathe a sigh of relief because this little inquisitive demon was just setting off my “danger” sensors.

Faux Jack, there’s so much to unpack there. I can see it every time he opens his mouth and I’ve got a feeling that everything he’s told the Winchesters is a lie. For all we know, this is Adam. For all we know, he’s testing the water and trying to figure out who the Winchesters are and what they’ve been doing since Adam has been stuck in the cage. And for all we know, maybe all of this is a plot for revenge? Whatever it is, I’m here for it. Yes, this might be in the ugly section of this review but it’s because of how crazy shit is getting and how crazy it can get if this is Adam. 

And then there’s the gun, Faux Jack was paying a little too much attention to it. If this is Adam, imagine he wants the gun to destroy the ONE person who could’ve changed it all but ultimately bounced when shit got hard. And technically it’s not a person. It’s God. He bounced. He let them all suffer. And maybe Adam’s time in hell has given him enough perspective to leave Sam and Dean alone and go after God.

But are things ever that simple? No. Could I be talking up nonsense and this isn’t Adam? Yup. But it’s fun to theorize and I’m up to knowing what you guys think about the season premiere of Supernatural!

Thoughts I Think I Thought

  1. Our final season recap. 
  2. I’m not ready. 
  3. Nope.
  4. Is this The Walking Dead or Supernatural?
  5. Awwww Jack’s body. They couldn’t leave it behind.
  6. My babies are stuck and I don’t like it.
  7. Cas and Sam sad faces kill me.
  8. It means Chuck is a dick.
  9. Damn Cas.
  11. Demon him is blending and I love it.
  12. How dare you talk about the Cas and his coat?!
  13. I knew the WiFi in hell was bad
  15. Omg demon Jack actually helped.
  16. Well, not demon Jack.
  17. Faux possessed Jack.
  18. I wear my sunglasses at night…
  19. Throwback Thursdays to monsters from the past!
  20. That song is toooo on point.
  21. Dear lord.
  22. So familiar.
  23. Clowns
  24. Now this is why you never open the door without checking the peep hole.
  25. FBI time is upon us.
  26. Awwww Mini-Crowley. I miss him.
  27. Everyone is beautiful. Yup.
  28. Gorgeous Dean is not a lie.
  29. “HE WAS OUR KID.”
  30. I’m not ok. 
  31. Everyone gimme a minute
  32. Where are Sam and Dean going to find that much salt?
  33. That’s the real mystery here.
  34. Sam’s enemyyyyyyy
  36. Ok, rock salt, would it all been stopped by the the ghost?
  37. Mini-Crowley bringing up the past is not my jam.
  38. Even the cage.
  39. WHAT.
  40. ABOUT.
  41. ADAM.
  42. Castiel healing Sam.
  43. Something is wrong with our babyyyyyy.
  44. I swear to God if it’s Lucifer after all this time and the apocalypse world is happening.
  45. Does that mean Hippie Cas?
  46. And white suit Sam?
  47. I mean, you did need a fresh heart…
  48. Woman in white, if she went home, then why that bitch still around?
  49. Bad ghost.
  50. Bad.
  51. Back to the salt. One bag? Really?
  52. Also, Sam out of salt. 
  53. Run my long legged child.
  54. Omg how many times did they have to practice running with that child?
  55. Sam facing his clown fears is my aesthetic. 
  56. What now?
  57. Sam, Dean, and Cas will take care of it all.
  58. Sam is the softest goober ever.
  59. Also, Mini-Crowley, don’t trust him. 
  60. He’s going to steal the gun.
  62. Knock, knock.
  63. And now the family feeeeeels
  64. Is Team Free Will a lie?!
  65. Just us can do it all.
  66. I believe in Sam and Dean Winchester.
  68. I’M CRYING.

Supernatural airs Thursdays at 8/7c on The CW.

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