Supernatural‘s “The Gamblers” was the push that the Winchesters needed to realize that they are heroes alongside men like Hercules. It also marked the return of our nougat son Jack Kline and some of the most epic father/son hugs with Cas, Sam, and Dean. (Yes, I know the Dean oneRead More →


Supernatural’s season 15 premiere, titled “Back and to the Future,” was a reminder of how far we’ve all come when it pertains to the Winchesters and their fight against all things evil, good, and everything in between.  And maybe some of you didn’t need it (you’ve been known that theRead More →

With the final season of Supernatural right around the corner we came up with a very concise, very judgement free, and very organized look at what we want for season 15. I’m just pulling your chain! Of course this’ll be full of tangents, judgement from down low to up high,Read More →

Supernatural‘s “Don’t Go In the Woods” gave us the quality Jack Kline we’re always her for and Sam & Dean fighting a big ugly Groot looking thing while keeping secrets from Jack. Fun times, right? *insert wince face here* With the announcement that Supernatural is ending after its 15th season,Read More →

The real Loki dies (not the MCU one) and Gabriel finally decides to stay instead of running in Supernatural‘s “Unfinished Business.” Two weeks have passed since Gabriel blew town and his appearance and subsequent need for revenge convinced Sam (and then Dean after some hassling) to help the depleted archangel.Read More →

Jack Kline starts on his first journey to kill a big bad like his big brothers do every Thursday night in Supernatural’s “Good Intentions.” And we’re so proud! In addition, Castiel strikes out from his family and does the unthinkable as a means to protect them from a war waggedRead More →

Supernatural’s “The Bad Place” had Jack return to the picture, proved that Mary was alive to the Winchesters, and set up the final pieces for the arrival of Wayward Sisters. This mid-season finale also set us, and the Winchesters, on an uncharted path of universe hopping and possible dinosaur sightings. We’re so readyRead More →

Supernatural’s mid-season finale is finally here with the return of Jack. The nephilim is trying to find any means to prove to his family (Sam, Dean, and Cas) that he can control his powers. He enlists the help of Kaia, who is joining Wayward Sisters, to help him find Mary Winchester andRead More →

Supernatural’s “The Scorpion and the Frog” introduced us to the weird/relatable Alice and showed how far Sam & Dean are willing to go to find Jack. This episode also reminded us of how far this show has come since Dean’s time in hell and how we’ll never hear Crowley call SamRead More →

Supernatural’s “Tombstone” saw Team Free Will reuniting, Dean letting out his inner fanboy, and Jack making a mistake in his eagerness to help the Winchesters. Our nougat loving Nephilim has enough angst in him to most certainly be part of this Hunter family. And like Sam, Dean, Castiel, he needsRead More →

Supernatural’s “The Big Empty” saw the Winchesters go to therapy and the long-awaited return of Castiel. We cried over Jack’s reunion with his mother, Dean asking Sam to keep the faith, and Castiel having the worst moments of his life brought back to him. It was a turning point forRead More →